Cho Ah-yeon, Kyochon Championship 2nd consecutive challenge… “Iron shots are important, focus on every shot”

Jo Ah-yeon (23) challenges to defend the title of the Korea Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour Kyochon 1991 Ladies Open (total prize money of 800 million won).

The Kyochon 1991 Ladies Open, which will be held at the Asiad Country Club (par 72) in Gijang-gun, Busan for three days from the 5th, is a tournament in which Cho A-yeon lifted the thrilling championship trophy for the first time in two years and eight months last year.

Jo Ah-yeon told KLPGA on the 2nd, “She is more excited about participating in the tournament as a defending champion. She expressed her anticipation, saying, “I hope there will be good results, especially since she has won the championship in a long time.”

She continued, “The current condition and shot feeling are not bad. Asiad Country Club has many holes with high difficulty, so I think iron shots are important. First of all, I want to set a goal for the top 10 and focus on every shot.”

Park Ji-young (27), who won the Hana Financial Group Singapore Women’s Open, the opening match of the 2023 season, and ranked first in the prize money list, said, “The results of her efforts in battery training are coming out well from the beginning of the season. I hope she will keep the flow until the end of the season,” she hoped.

He said that he had improved his swing after missing the cut at the first major tournament of the season, the Chris F&C KLPGA Championship last week.

Regarding the strategy for this competition, she said, “It is important to minimize mistakes in the short game,” and added, “I will do my best to keep the top spot in the prize money rankings.”

Past champions are also stepping out to rise to the position of Kyochon Queen once again. Lee Jung-min (31), the first champion, who recorded one win this season, and Kim Hae-rim (34), who won three victories in this tournament alone, will participate. In particular, if Kim Hae-rim wins this tournament one more time, he will also set a record of four wins in a single tournament, which was achieved by Go Woo-soon (58) at the KLPGA Championship.

The fierce competition for the rookie award is also a point to watch. Kim Min-byeol, who passed the seed match as the top player, is currently taking the lead in the Rookie of the Year race.

Kim Min-byul said, “I think I am playing a good game myself. He is ahead of the Rookie of the Year competition based on his good performance, but I am trying to focus on my play rather than dwelling on the title.”

He continued, “It would be really nice to win the championship, but I felt that if my greed for winning increased, it would not help me play. If you play with the thought of achieving detailed goals in terms of course strategy or technical aspects, you will be closer to winning the championship,” he explained.

Hwang Yu-min (20), who is running the 1st place in driver distance this year, and Kim Seo-yoon (21), the prize money winner of last season’s Dream Tour (Part 2), also participated, and Bang Shin-sil (19), who competed for the championship with a cool long hit at the KLPGA Championship last week. go out

In addition, Lee Ye-won (20), Lee Joo-mi (28), and Choi Eun-woo (28), who won their first thrilling victory in the 2023 season, will challenge the first multi-winner this season.크크크벳

Top players who are having a stable season this year, such as Park Han-kyung (23) and Choi Ye-rim (24), will also participate.

In celebration of the holiday season, a variety of things to enjoy are also prepared for the gallery. As the concept is the only chicken and beer festival in Korea, galleries visiting the venue can enjoy Kyochon Chicken and beer for free, while providing Twinkling drinks to minors.

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