Can Ko Woo-suk cross LG’s baseline… 48 hours left, champion holds his breath, too

What kind of uniform will LG closer Ko Woo-seok (26) wear in 2024, who is seeking to advance to the Major League? With the deadline for posting now around 48 hours left, LG is also closely watching the market for Ko.

Ko Woo-suk, who is listening to proposals from major league teams through a posting system (closed competitive bidding), is now nearing the end of the process. The deadline for posting Ko is 7 a.m. on January 4th in Korean time. There are about two days left, but no news has been released that the contract has been finalized. Leading local sources and local media are also reporting quietly. At one point, there were reports that some clubs were interested in Ko, but reports through specific sources were rare.

Ko Woo-suk is one of the best closing pitchers in the KBO League. Although he has lost his pride due to poor performance this year, he is second to none when it comes to recent performances. He had 30 saves in 2021, an ERA of 2.17 while making 42 saves in 61 games, and an ERA of one point at 1.48 in 2022. Having dreamed of entering the Major League, Ko decided to give it a try once he became eligible for posting. 월카지노

There is no doubt that he is one of the most highly regarded bullpen pitchers not only for his performance in the KBO league but also for his future success in the Major League. First of all, Major League bullpen pitchers should be supported by some restraint, as Ko Woo-suk meets this condition that other closer pitchers do not have. It was also clear that clubs were interested, such as receiving identity checks from the Major League Secretariat. However, he has not yet reached a contract, so his future is drawing attention.

Analysts say that the team suffered losses in that its performance last year, which was just before its advancement, was not very good and that it made some worrisome points in its performance. In addition, the Major League bullpen market, which has been flowing slower than expected, is not favorable. Josh Hader, the biggest player in the bullpen, Aroldis Chapman, Brent Suter, David Robertson, and Robert Stevenson are still in the market.

Players who have already signed contracts often sign autographs for slightly higher-than-expected prices. However, Ko has no experience in Major League Baseball. Major League teams have no choice but to favor players who have experience and performance in the U.S., which makes it easier for them to judge. The bullpen market should be released as soon as possible to open up the market for Ko Woo-suk, but it is not something that players or agencies can control.

Anyway, after the posting process is completed on April 4, Ko has to make a decision. LG conditional approval of Ko’s posting. The club’s policy is clear that it cannot send the posting at a bargain price. Although the club has not disclosed it exactly, there must be a line of reference. Ko does not have to go for a bargain, either. It is because there is no real benefit to him. Ko will become a free agent after the 2024 season. Even if it is not necessarily this year, he will be able to enter the Major League one year later with a free status. If he scores well this year, his salary will increase as well.

Some analysts say that even if the posting fails, it is hard to conclude that the posting is a failure given that he threw a cannonball. Having the name “Ko Woo-suk” first known to the Major League will help the team challenge itself in the future. LG is also closely monitoring the results as Ko is a must-have player. The time to decide his future course of action will come soon.

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