Can I be a new colleague for next season’s SON… “Notice that I will leave on a free contract”

Fulham center back Toshin Adarabioyo (26, England) has reportedly expressed his intention to leave as a free agent at the end of this season. It is a de facto notification that he wants a new challenge and intends to move to the club next summer. Adarabioyo was a center back who was closely connected until recently when he received a “love call” from Tottenham Hotspur.

Multiple media outlets, including British media “The Sun” and “The Boot Room,” said on the 22nd (Korean time), “Adarabioyo conveyed his intention to Fulham that he wanted to leave for FA after this season,” adding, “Fulham offered to renew his contract with Adarabioyo, whose contract expires in June next year. However, Adarabioyo has no plans to accept it, and he can freely negotiate with overseas clubs under the “Bosman Rule” from the 1st of next month.”

In fact, Adarabioyo, who signed a four-year contract while wearing a Fulham uniform in 2020, will expire in June next year. However, he wants a new challenge, so he recently refused to renew the contract proposed by Fulham and further informed him that he would leave as an FA, and is seeking a transfer early. Currently, he is receiving “love calls” from multiple clubs, including Tottenham, West Ham United, Inter Milan and AS Monaco.

Analysts say that Adarabioyo made the decision especially because he could freely negotiate with the clubs he wants without Fulham’s interference or restraint and could be offered better conditions such as large salaries and bonuses. It is for this reason that he instantly refused to renew his contract.

Tottenham is expected to move in earnest to recruit Adarabioyo with his decision to leave. Tottenham has already been interested in Adarabioyo and has tried to contact him until recently. However, as Adarabioyo has decided to transfer and can be brought to the FA next summer, it is expected that he will push for negotiations more actively. 월카지노

“Tottenham wants to recruit Adarabioyo, and the recent news that Adarabioyo will leave Fulham will accelerate its recruitment,” “The Boot Room” said. “However, we have to keep an eye on whether Tottenham will pay the transfer fee during the winter transfer market in January and wait until he is released as an FA. What is clear is that the opportunity to recruit Adarabioyo has opened up.”

Adarabioyo is a center back who made his professional debut with Manchester City in 2017. However, after being pushed out of the competition for the starting lineup, he moved to West Bromwich Albion and Blackburn Rovers on loan. Then, in 2020, he completely moved to Fulham. Basically, Adarabioyo is good at competing in the air ball due to his solid physicality, and his strength is that he uses his long legs for tackles. He also has fast speed for a tall man.

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