Billionaire James, the most ‘cheap’ in the NBA… No Wi-Fi, no cell phone + bicycle to the stadium + Twitter verification mark less than $ 8

LeBron James (LA Lakers) is the best player in the NBA with 4 championships, 4 MVPs and 19 All-Star records.

He will soon become the highest-paid NBA player of all time. He is also a billionaire.

James recently signed a two-year, $97 million contract with the Lakers. In 2024-25 he will receive $50 million. He earns more than that off the court.

However, he is a terrible ‘sweetie’. He doesn’t spend money in vain.

According to, Dwyane Wade, who played with him in Miami, called James “the cheapest guy in the NBA.” Warren Buffett said of LeBron, “He’s smart about finances.” He added, “The maturity James shows is amazing.”

For example, James doesn’t use his cell phone unless he’s connected to Wi-Fi. “I don’t turn on data roaming, I don’t buy apps or buy apps where there’s no Wi-Fi,” he said.

James was also once seen riding his bike to a stadium in Miami.

Most recently,토토사이트 he refused to pay the $8 fee Twitter is doing for a paid certification mark.

But James donates a lot of money to his philanthropy.

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