“Because if I collapse, the bullpen will be consumed.” For a 5-year-old rookie, a 3-inning save with a 10-point difference was also valuable.

3 scoreless innings from the 7th to the 9th, leading 10-0. This is the process by which NC Jeon-min achieved his first save since his debut. It was not an urgent situation with a 1-point difference or a crisis with a runner, but Jeon Min-min climbed the mound with a great sense of responsibility. It was a promise to give his comrades a rest.스포츠토토

The NC Dinos beat the Hanwha Eagles 11-0 at Changwon NC Park on the 26th. While starter Eric Peddy blocked six scoreless innings, the batting line exploded. In the second inning, Kim Joo-won’s first timely hit, Do Tae-hoon’s 2 RBI double, Park Min-woo’s grounder RBI, and Park Kun-woo’s timely hit followed.

In the 3rd and 4th innings, they scored additional points and took a 10-point lead before the cleaning time even came. And in the 7th inning, Jeon Min-min took the mound as the second pitcher. It was his second appearance this season following the match against Lotte on the 25th. It was his 10th match after his professional debut in 2019.

So far, he has never had a remarkable performance. Coming from the 2nd round of the 2019 draft, he joined the Sangmu baseball team after 1 scoreless inning in 1 game in his debut season. Last year, he recorded an average ERA of 3.24 in 7 games and 8⅓ innings in NC, but finished the season without a win, hold, save, or loss. . But this year, in the second game, he left a single footprint for the first time since his debut with 3 scoreless innings.

After the game, Jeon Min-min said, “I came up to the N team (group 1) and climbed the mound with a sense of responsibility for my position and position. , I think I was lucky enough to record my first save.”

He added, “The coach also told me to show my best when I get a chance to play one or two matches in the first team. I tried to show the process and what I’ve been doing my best in Team C (Future’s Team).”

He was able to save 3 innings because he has consistently thrown long innings as a starting pitcher in the Futures League. Jeon Jeon-min looked at the survival of the 1st team, saying, “This season, I threw a lot of balls and prepared hard. Although my goal is to be a starter, if I can help the team, I want to do my best to the end regardless of what position I take.”

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