Baek Joon-seo embraces the MVP “If you choose me!”

I think I will cry when I think of this moment later.”

Outfielder Baek Jun-seo (Deoksu High School) smiled brightly. He became the protagonist of the ‘2023 Shinsegae E-Mart Cup National High School Baseball Championship’. In the final against Gangneung High School held on the 11th, he hit the decisive third at the right time as the fourth hitter (1 hit in 3 at-bats). It’s not just this day. Throughout the tournament, he wielded a strong hit (0.550 batting average in 7 games, 11 hits in 20 at-bats) and created excitement. He also enjoyed the honor of being the Most Valuable Player (MVP). Baek Jun-seo said, “I don’t think I received it because I did well. I was able to win because the coach, coaches, and all the team members helped me.”

5th grade of elementary school. At the suggestion of his mother, he started playing baseball. Baek Jun-seo laughed, saying, “I wanted to do it for fun, but then he became a player.” In fact, even then, he was not very interested in baseball. “He was into soccer and orchestral trump,” he said frankly. He is now the captain of the baseball team at Deoksu High School. He is also a leader full of responsibility to the point of risking his injury fighting spirit. He injured his wrist in the quarterfinals. Baek Jun-seo said, “I have pain, but I took painkillers and ran. He doesn’t feel anything as much as when he’s playing,” he revealed.

This tournament will remain as a special memory for Baek Jun-seo. Throughout the winter, he stuck together with his teammates. He was more determined to win than ever. “I lost unfortunately during the competition at a prestigious high school. This time, I wanted to do it properly,” he said. “I really suffered a lot. He looked back, saying, “I analyzed the opposing team’s power a lot and trained accordingly.” “When I think of this moment later, I think I will cry. It seems that there is something to talk about with his friends after graduation. He said, “It feels like there are many things to remember.”

I envision the day I play in the pros.안전놀이터 His role model is Bae Ji-hwan (Pittsburgh Pirates), who is playing in the Major League (MLB). He met by chance at a personal training center he visited last winter to get in shape. Baek Joon-seo said, “From the attitude toward baseball to the mind and personality, he was so cool.” “He told me not to notice while playing baseball. Thank you for saying that he can do well enough.” I don’t have a favorite team. Baek Jun-seo said the correct answer, “The team that picks me is the best.” When asked again as a ‘familiar club’, he said, “My father goes to KT. He often watched the game,” he smiled. 

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