Aussie league absurdity… ‘Terrible leg injury’ no ambulance ‘waiting 13 minutes’

An absurd thing happened in the Australian A-League. Although the player suffered a terrible leg injury, he had to wait for 13 minutes as there was no ambulance waiting at the stadium.

The incident occurred on the 29th (Korean time). In the 24th minute of the match between Melbourne City and Adelaide United, Adelaide’s Juande Prados López misplaced his leg when tackling Melbourne City’s Florin Berenguer, completely breaking Juande’s leg.

It was a serious injury. Juande, unable to roll over properly, immediately grabbed his leg and collapsed. Harvey Lopez, who witnessed the moment his teammate was hurt right in front of his eyes, stayed by his side, weeping.

But Juande had to stay on the ground for a while. Because he didn’t have an ambulance waiting. Medical staff at the stadium wrapped a towel around him so that spectators would not witness the horrific spectacle. An ambulance arrived 13 minutes later, and the game was suspended for a total of 35 minutes, until Juande was evacuated and the players were stabilized.메이저놀이터

The reason was the policy of Victoria, the home of Melbourne City. In November 2018, Victoria made the change by suspending ambulance services and having emergency doctors at the stadium. It has been approved by the Professional Football Association of Australia (PFA), making Victoria the only state in Australia to not require an ambulance at the stadium.

Greg O’Rourke, president of the PFA, emphasized that “emergency doctors are emergency medical professionals and can provide a higher level of care than paramedics,” emphasizing that the medical system can operate without ambulances. Nevertheless, considering that more precise treatment is possible in a hospital rather than a stadium, it is an answer that cannot completely erase the question of the change.

Meanwhile, Huande is said to be seeking stability. Adelaide head coach Mark Milligan said: “The most important thing is not to worry because we did it right. Malvern City and their medical team took care of us in the best way possible.” He said he could get it.

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