Attack 1 option is also available… Steep ‘growth’ Pohang Lee Ho-jae, competition with Jeka + synergy using two tops

Lee Ho-jae (23) is growing. It seems that he is competing in good faith with foreign striker Jeka and at the same time creating synergy.

Lee Ho-jae stood tall as Pohang’s main striker in name and reality. At the beginning of the season, he showed his presence as a ‘super sub’, but as he gradually increased his playing time, he has recently become a starter. His scoring streak slowed down after the match against Gangwon FC on March 18, but he has scored in two consecutive matches recently. Following the match against Gwangju FC (2-4 loss), he also scored against Jeju United (2-1 win) held on the 6th.

Lee Ho-jae, who scored only 3 goals in 31 matches for Pohang until last season, has already scored 5 goals in 16 matches this season. His own career high has been renewed over and over again with his season. During his winter training, he lost weight and strengthened his will, and despite having 6 bone fragments, he was eager to compete while undergoing treatment.

Lee Ho-jae, who seized the opportunity, noticeably improved his performance. He definitely doesn’t lose at all in movement or physical fights with opponents, as well as control of the air. Lee Ho-jae scored the opening goal that day and almost shook the net again with an exquisite header in the 42nd minute of the second half, but was frustrated by Jeju goalkeeper Kim Dong-jun’s save.

Pohang coach Kim Ki-dong is also proud of Lee Ho-jae’s growth and performance. There is also the possibility of using Lee Ho-jae as the first attack option. Director Kim also said, “Now, the real Jeka is in a situation where he has to be nervous as a starting player.”

Zeca is also a forward striker. He has 2 goals and 5 assists in 17 games. His score is less than Lee Ho-jae’s, but his contribution is great. Although he is 192 cm tall, he is also good at side solo play. Zeka can also replace the successive injury voids of side strikers.스포츠토토

In addition, depending on the situation, coach Kim is using Lee Ho-jae and Jeka at the same time in the second half. While strengthening the air supremacy, Jeka, who has a lot of side play and activity, can expand his range of activities. Naturally, there is also an effect of dispersing the check toward Lee Ho-jae. In the game against Jeju, Park Seung-wook’s winning goal in the second half of extra time was possible because Jeka and Lee Ho-jae dispersed the opponent’s defense in a set-piece situation. In addition, as coach Kim alternately appointed Lee Ho-jae and Jeka, the physical problems were resolved, and goodwill competition was also held.

Lee Ho-jae and Jeka are clearing up the frontline position, which was a big concern for Pohang. It is one of the driving forces for Pohang to fight for second place throughout the season.

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