‘As expected, the greatest talent ever!’ 451.5 billion shortstop who was pushed to the outfield, showed off his shoulder with 161km home care

San Diego Padres Fernando Tatis Jr. (24) showed off a great throw. 

On the 11th (Korean time), in the game against the Minnesota Twins held at Target Field in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, Tatis Jr. started as right fielder and recorded 1 hit in 5 at-bats. San Diego suffered a 3-4 endgame defeat after a bloody battle that went into the 11th inning. 

Tatis Jr., who signed a 14-year, $340 million (approximately 451.5 billion won) contract extension in February 2021, failed to start the season due to an injury last year and was suspended for 80 games after being caught with a banned substance, taking the entire season off. 

During the winter, Tatis Jr., who was out of position as San Diego acquired free agent shortstop Xander Bogarts for 280 million dollars (approximately 371.8 billion won) in 11 years, changed his position to an outfielder. This season, after his return, he has only played in right field. 

Tatis Jr., who was pushed out of the shortstop position, is also showing his presence in the outfield. His batting performance has not yet fully improved with a batting average of 2.6 6 Lee (21 hits in 79 at bats), 4 home runs and 10 RBIs in 17 games, OPS . 안전놀이터

MLB.com, the official major league media, said, “Tatis Jr. has changed his position this season, but he still throws like a cannon ball. Tatis Jr., who recorded his second assist of the year, caught Carlos Correa at home with a one-bound throw to catcher Brett Sullivan. The throw hit 100 miles per hour (160.9 km), making him the fastest outfield assist in the major leagues this season.” 

Hunter Renfro (100.3 mph) is the only player in San Diego history to record an outfield assist faster than Tatis Jr. in 2017. Hearing that he had thrown for 100 miles, Tatis Jr. asked himself, “Really?” 

Coach Bob Melvin said, “A strong shoulder is a great weapon for a right fielder. Tatis Jr. is also really looking forward to it. he did a good job His shoulders are fantastic. That’s why Tatis Jr. goes to right field,” he said, welcoming Tatis Jr.’s performance.

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