“As expected, Kim Yeon-kyung’s performance was not good enough. Hard Carry”… “I think I’m not doing well at the beginning of the game.”

Kim Yeon-koung (36) was Kim Yeon-koung. She completely shook off her sluggish performance in the early stages of the match at the match, giving her team a valuable victory.

Heungkuk Life defeated IBK Industrial Bank of Korea with a set score of 3-2 (13-25, 25-12, 22-25, 25-20, 17-15) in the women’s game of the professional volleyball Dodram 2023-2024 V League held at Hwaseong Indoor Gymnasium at 7 p.m. on the 4th.

Kim Yeon-koung scored 18 points, the second in her team, contributing to Heungkuk Life’s victory. She was particularly strong in determining the winner. She successfully launched open attacks in five sets with deuce conditions, ending a long period of competition.

In four showdowns with IBK Industrial Bank of Korea this season, the team won all four games. Although Heungkuk Life Insurance won all four games, it was a competition between the two teams that was fierce every time. At a press conference after the game, Kim Yeon-kyung said, “Definitely not an easy opponent. Since IBK has a Ponfun player, he has good reception. It was difficult because I couldn’t read the opponent’s pattern. Thanks to this, the striker’s success rate increased a lot. There were some areas where our defense was not good, and our offense was difficult. I felt that IBK was a well-balanced team.”

She completely shook off her sluggish performance in the early stages of the match. In the first and second sets, Kim’s attack efficiency was particularly low. In the first set, Kim scored four points, but her attack success rate was only 27.27 percent. In the second set, she scored four points and recorded an attack success rate of 16.67 percent. “Kim Yeon-koung is not a robot, right? I think how to finish is more important than how a player starts a match. Kim Yeon-koung displayed outstanding success rate in the fourth and fifth sets.”

“In the beginning, I thought I wasn’t able to live up to my expectations. The rotation also coincided. I kept trying to get good scores, but the situation worked out well. I think it led to a score thanks to my teammates’ good performance,” Kim said.

Heungkuk Life Insurance, which had been leading the league in the early days of the season, suffered a shutdown loss to Hyundai Engineering & Construction in the last game, widening the gap. With the victory over IBK Industrial Bank, Heungkuk Life Insurance had 44 points and trailed Hyundai Engineering & Construction (47 points) by three points with one more game. “I don’t think there is anything urgent,” Kim said. “There were some injured players. Hae-ran also made a comeback. Other players are making their comeback little by little. You just need to get better from now on. 랭크카지노 My goal is to go to the end without getting tired.”

As for the loss in the last game, he said, “I thought Hyundai Engineering & Construction did a great job. I tried many times, but it didn’t work. It was a frustrating game,” and added, “Winning all the rest of the fourth round is important. I also have time to prepare during the All-Star break. I think I should do well in the second half.”

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