“Are you going to clean it up only after you get hit?” Neighbor left flower pot on railing

Several flower pots are placed outside the veranda of a high-rise apartment.

The railing doesn’t seem wide…

I’m concerned that it might fall down since there are several메이저사이트 flower pots in such a narrow space.

A neighbor who saw a flower pot placed precariously in an apartment in South Chungcheong Province contacted the management office.

It is said that it remained in this condition from last July to August before the typhoon arrived, and until a few days ago.

After several inquiries, the large flower pots were removed, but the small flower pots still remained.

The management office reportedly responded that they could only make recommendations because the land was private property.

Like this, you can often see items placed on railings or outside verandas in a state where they could fall down.

Netizens unanimously said, “If you are hit by a fallen flower pot, you will die instantly,” and that it must be corrected immediately.

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