Ants who are crazy about ‘Battery Man’… “I can’t trust stock exchanges”

Leading the investment craze by hitting the recommendation of secondary batteries through books and YouTube… The “Robin Hood of ants” placard is also hung,
experts say, “It has a greater impact on the supply and demand of individual investors than on performance… Beware of rapid fluctuations in stock prices” Don’t ask, warning about debt investment

On the 29th, at the Textile Center in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, author Park Soon-hyeok (former Public Relations Director of Geumyang), who is popular among individual investors and is called “battery man,” gave a lecture on investment strategy in the second half of the AP Investment Research Institute . was opened Author Park recommends secondary battery stocks through books and YouTube, and is leading the ‘secondary battery craze’ of individual investors this year. He served as a public relations director at Geumyang until the beginning of this year, but resigned last May after mentioning Geumyang’s plan to sell its treasury stock in advance on YouTube before public announcement.

The stocks that individual investors bought the most this year were also among the eight secondary battery stocks recommended by Park. Individuals bought most of Posco Holdings in the stock market and Ecopro in the KOSDAQ market from last January to the 8th, and both stocks are included in the 8 stocks recommended by author Park. Due to the buying trend of individuals, POSCO Holdings rose 127.57% and Ecopro 903.64% this year.

Recently, secondary battery stocks have repeatedly fluctuated every day, and there are concerns over overheating of secondary battery stocks in the stock market. On this day메이저사이트, the auditorium was filled with audiences from the 1st floor with 500 seats as well as the balcony seats on the 2nd floor. Inside the lecture hall, there were placards with phrases such as “Battery man taking the lead in protecting the interests of individual investors” and “I love Park Soon-hyeok, the Robin Hood of individual investors.”

■ “How do you trust securities companies?”

The individual investors who attended the lecture said that the reason they liked Park was “because I did what Park said and the investment was successful.”

Individual investor A in his 40s holds stocks in EcoPro and New Nano Materials among the eight secondary battery stocks recommended by Park. Mr. A said, “He likes him because he has had real results with the stock recommended by Park.” Mr. A owns shares of Ewha Electric, whose trading has been suspended since last May due to charges of embezzlement and breach of trust by former and current executives. He said, “Right before the transaction of Ewha Electric was suspended, Meritz Securities sold all of its stock.

Mr. B, an individual investor in his 50s who often attends Park’s lectures and listens to paid online lectures, also said, “I don’t watch the YouTube of securities companies.” He said, “It seems that securities companies only talk about the stocks they want to promote,” and “I like that Park allows individual investors to study stocks systematically.”

■ Concerns about overheating of secondary batteries…

Experts are warning that as the rise of secondary battery stocks is more affected by supply and demand driven by individual investors than by performance, we must be careful about sudden fluctuations in stock prices. Kim Young-hwan , a researcher at NH Investment & Securities, pointed out in a recent report, “Recently, stock market volatility has risen significantly, especially in stocks where personal funds have been concentrated.” .

In particular, last week’s secondary battery stocks fluctuated so much that the KOSPI and KOSDAQ indexes stumbled. In the case of the Ecopro Group, its market capitalization, which was around 72 trillion won on the 24th (based on the closing price), increased to 81 trillion won on the 25th. Afterwards, on the 26th and 27th, the stock price plunged for two consecutive days, and the market capitalization shrank to 64 trillion won, and then recovered to the 70 trillion won level on the 28th.

Shin Seung-jin, a senior researcher at Samsung Securities, also evaluated, “There has always been a focus on market-leading stocks and industries, but the trend in July was extreme.” “Currently, the influence of investors’ psychology and program supply and demand is greater than fundamentals,” he said.

Despite the sharp fluctuations, investors’ deposits are increasing as the ‘secondary battery craze’ blows. According to the Korea Financial Investment Association on the 30th, investor deposits reached 58.19 trillion won as of the 27th, the highest in a year since July 1 last year (58.73 trillion won). Investor deposits, which are standby funds in the stock market, recorded 51.8 trillion won at the end of last month, and increased by more than 6 trillion won in just over a month. ‘Debt-to-debt (investment with debt)’ also soared this month. The balance of credit transaction loans increased by 700 billion won from 19.4 trillion won at the end of last month to 20.1 trillion won on the 28th of this month.

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