An international university volleyball tournament with invitations from eight countries, including the US, China, and Japan, will be held in Mungyeong this year.

The ‘2023 Mungyeong International University Volleyball Tournament’, in which eight countries including the United States, China, and Japan participate, will be held at the Indoor Sports Complex of the Armed Forces Sports Unit for six days from August 26 to August 31 at the invitation of Mungyeong City, Gyeongsangbuk-do.

According to Mungyeong City on the 10th, the Mungyeong City Sports Association and the Korea University Volleyball Federation (Chairman Oh Seung-jae) signed a business agreement to host this year’s Mungyeong International University Volleyball Championship at Mungyeong City Hall on the 9th.

Budget execution and support for the tournament will be dedicated to Mungyeong City and the Mungyeong City Sports Association, and the operation of the tournament will be left to the Korean University Volleyball Federation.

About 160 athletes from 8 countries including Korea, the United States, Australia, Japan, China, Thailand, Fiji and Samoa participated in the competition.토스카지노

Shin Hyeon-guk, mayor of Mungyeong, said, “As the International University Volleyball Tournament, which invites eight countries, is an international event, we will actively support it so that it can become a successful event that can widely publicize Mungyeong, a sports city.”

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