American beauty MF → who decided to retire at the age of 24 after falling into the “money taste” for soccer, even entered the Mexican league, and was a “congratulatory celebration” for six years…

Born in Seattle, Washington, the U.S., this year, Nicole Teya, a 24-year-old female soccer player, dreamed of becoming a soccer player from an early age. She was so passionate about soccer that she moved away from the U.S. and continued her career in Mexico. But she has announced her retirement, only 24 years old.

The Daily Star reported on Monday that 24-year-old female soccer player retired after selling sexy photos to make money. Teya has maintained a balance between her passion for soccer and bold side jobs, but she has decided to step down from soccer. It is not known whether she is voluntary or compulsory, but what is clear is that she is retiring from soccer.

Teya, who has been famous as a beautiful soccer player since she was young, uploaded a photo showing off her figure for 370,000 social media fans six months ago. Of course, she uploaded various photos on her subscription content site, not just for all her fans.

Teya played midfielder for the same Mexican team, Club Puebla, after being released by Nexeca in the Mexican women’s professional football league last summer.

Teya, who was born in the U.S. and was living in Mexico, said, “My top priority was soccer, but I chose to work on the side to make ends meet. I opened a subscription site where you can see exclusive photos and pictures like models for up to 14 pounds (24.7 U.S. dollars) per month. As I was a beautiful player, fans flocked to the site. The media reported that the side job was very successful. It is not known how much I earned.

However, although Teya was living in soccer and dying in soccer, she decided to leave soccer forever. Teya explained that it was not an easy decision.

Teya said on social media, “I couldn’t make a decision easily because I was retiring from professional soccer. I was so happy to know and love soccer if I lived my only life this once.”

Teya then left an emotional farewell message to her fans, saying, “If I have a life after soccer, I would like to come back to soccer and feel that I love soccer as well.” In fact, the team was based in the capital of Mexico, but the media reported that Teya did not cause any problems due to his good looks during his career. That is how he faithfully played his role as a soccer player.

Teya continued, “I really appreciate the team for giving me this short but quite enjoyable opportunity. I arrived alone in Mexico at the age of 18 where I didn’t know anyone and couldn’t communicate,” adding, “But it was possible because I always had a dream of playing soccer. You don’t have to prove it to anyone but yourself. I know how valuable I am as a player, as a daughter, as a friend, and above all as a human being.”

Finally, Teya revealed that she will take on a new challenge, saying, “I will not regret leaving the team. But I will regret the experience I went through.” Perhaps she will continue to do the side job. 헤라카지노도메인

Team Puebla also said, “Teya decided to leave football and carry out a personal project separate from football, so we left our team. We thank Teya for her best work while she was at the club and we hope she will succeed no matter what happens.”

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