All-Star Big Leaguers strike out three and sign an MLB contract… 21-year-old Nicaraguan unknown life reversal

one! two! three! Who is that pitcher who struck out all three out counts?

On the 14th (Korean time), the World Baseball Classic (WBC) 1st round Group D match between the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua was held. Londi Po Park, the home stadium of the Miami Marlins in the U.S., was properly pinned to an unknown pitcher. It was right after Nicaragua’s last pitcher got the third out count in the ninth inning, before losing 1-6.

Regardless of the outcome of the game, the main character who caught the attention of the crowd was Nicaraguan pitcher Duque Hebert (21). This is also true because the three people Hebert struck out were among the best ‘star players’ in the Major League Baseball (MLB), where the world’s best players show off their skills.

Hebert struck out first batter Juan Soto (24, San Diego Padres) with just three balls. Soto, who won last year’s MLB Home Run Derby, broke his style with a swing big enough to kneel at Hebert’s third ball, a 135km changeup.

The second batter, Julio Rodriguez (22, Seattle Mariners), also withdrew due to a miss. Rodriguez, who debuted last year, is a top-class player who won the American League Rookie of the Year and All-Star in his first year of debut.메이저사이트

The last victim was two-time All-Star Raphael Devers (26, Boston Red Sox). Manny Machado (30, San Diego Padres) had a chance to score an RBI with a double, but bowed his head to Gyeol Hebert’s sinker.

A Detroit Tigers scout who watched this scene on the field quickly found Hebert, and eventually succeeded in getting a minor league contract signed.

“The whole team is proud of your great performance!” The Nicaraguan baseball team was delighted to share this news through social media.

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