All 4 positions are selected… All-around utility reserve FA “Now, the priority is to go out in good health”

After twists and turns, Kim Min-seong, who is challenging the second FA, is raising his value with his versatile defense.

Kim Min-seong started as a second baseman against Doosan Jamsil on the 16th and played an active role with 2 hits and 3 RBIs in 4 at-bats. On defense, he kept the infield tight until the replacement.

Kim Min-seong has a record of starting all four positions in the infield this year. He started 24 games, the most for a second baseman. Then there are 14 games at shortstop. As a third baseman, who was his main position, he started only three games. He also made two starts as a first baseman, showing exemplary utility.

◎ All-round infielder Kim Min-seong
30 games for second baseman 24 starts, 189 innings
Shortstop 16 games 14 starts, 115 innings
3 baseman 8 games 3 starts, 32 innings
1st baseman 8 games 2 starts, 30 innings

After transferring to LG, third baseman and 1 He came out a lot as a baseman, but as a second baseman, he started to challenge again last year. This year, he has become an all-around infielder who can cover all infield positions by filling up the vacancy of shortstop Oh Ji-hwan. It may be difficult to win a major contract with current performance, but it seems that there is no difficulty in continuing the career as a player.

As he continued to play in the game, his hitting was also more alive than before. Until the 16th, he had the best performance after transferring to LG with a batting average of 0.283. I don’t know what it will be like at the end of the season, but it’s not at all strange to be in the starting lineup now. He had a batting average of just .207 just a year earlier.

In fact, Kim Min-seong is aloof in his second FA. He said, “I don’t think I’m in a situation where I can play consciously. I’m playing a lot more than that, so if I don’t get sick and play consistently, I think there will be good results naturally, even if I don’t do anything.”안전놀이터

He does what a veteran should do faithfully. On the 16th, when Lee Jae-won, who came out as first baseman, made a mistake that led to a run, there was a scene where Kim Min-seong approached and read. Looking back at this time, Kim Min-seong said, “It was a difficult situation. I’m not a player who specializes in first baseman, so mistakes can happen. I was afraid that mistakes would hurt my heart. I hit him once. Then I became a good player. I grew up like that, and everyone It was so great. I hope to do well by preparing well again. I did it because I was cheering for you.”

Also, “At times like this, you have to manage your mental well. If you blame yourself and fall deeply into mistakes, you can’t get out of it. If you reset and come out anew, you can definitely grow one step further. Baseball is so difficult. There are games every day, and everyone makes mistakes. How can you do that? Depending on how well he organizes himself, a good player or a strong player will come out. (Lee) Jae-won has a good mentality, so I think he will do well again.”

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