‘Aiming to build a dynasty’ LG to conduct off-season training in Arizona… Departures on the 30th

월카지노주소 The LG Twins, which are seeking to build a dynasty, will hold off-season training in Arizona, the U.S.

LG announced on the 28th that it will depart for Arizona, the U.S., for off-season training in 2024 on the 30th.

Last year, LG had a brilliant time. It had an overwhelming race from the beginning of the season. Although there was a mid-term crisis, the team remained unwavering. As a result, it ended the regular season with 86 wins, two draws and 56 losses.

LG continued its upward trend in the Korean Series against the KT Wiz. Although LG suffered a 2-3 blow in the first match, it swept all four subsequent matches to emerge as the top team. LG won the title overall in 29 years since 1994, and the third in its career (1910, 1994, 2023). Now aiming to establish a dynasty, LG intends to begin its journey through this off-season training.

LG is expected to focus on filling in the vacancies in the upcoming off-season training camp. During the off-season, LG’s players including Ko Woo-suk, Lee Jung-yong, and Kim Min-sung left the team. The undisputed closer Ko Woo-suk joined hands with the San Diego Padres to advance to the Major League through the posting system, while all-weather resource Lee Jung-yong joined the Korean Armed Forces Sports Unit (Sangmu). On top of that, veteran infielder Kim Min-sung recently made his way to the Lotte Giants through sign-and-trade.

In addition, left-hander veteran Pil Seung-jo and Ham Deok-ju are forced to leave the team in the first half of the year after undergoing surgery for microfractures in their left arm flexor. LG plans to find the right players to fill their gaps in the upcoming camp.

The Arizona camp, which will run through March 4, will be attended by coach Yeom Kyung-yeop, 19 coaching staff members, and 42 players including captain Oh Ji-hwan. During the camp, the team will check its training performance through a practice game against the NC Dinos on Feb. 26 and on Feb. 29.

Meanwhile, six players, including Son Joo-young, Jung Woo-young, Lee Ji-gang, Lee Sang-young, Kim Yoon-sik and Kang Hyo-jong, left the country first on the 20th and are conducting self-training in Arizona.

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