After the typhoon passed, the heat around 30 degrees… Inland showers for the time being

Typhoon Kanun, which penetrated the Korean Peninsula, has disappeared in North Korea.

The heat will return to the place where메이저사이트the typhoon passed, and a heat wave warning will be issued depending on the region.

For the time being, the atmosphere will be unstable and there will be showers in some places.

This is Reporter Lim Ha-kyung.


Typhoon Kanun, the sixth typhoon that penetrated the inland area, was exceptional.

After landing in Geoje, Gyeongsangnam-do, it passed through Chungcheong and the metropolitan area and weakened to a tropical cyclone near North Korea.

Typhoon Kanun moved slowly and it rained for a long time.

In particular, it rained heavily in Yeongdong, Gangwon Province, which has topographical characteristics that are prone to the development of rain cloud belts.

More than 400mm of water fell in Sokcho for two days, and strong rain of more than 300mm was concentrated in Samcheok and Gangneung.

Although the typhoon has dissipated, rain continues in the central region due to the remaining rain cloud belt.

More rain will fall around 40mm in the metropolitan area and around 20mm in Yeongseo and Chungnam, Gangwon.

From the daytime on the weekend, as the day clears up, the midday temperature rises to around 30 degrees.

Due to the high humidity from the heat left by the typhoon, a heatwave warning will be issued in some areas.

<Park Joong-hwan / Forecast Analyst, Korea Meteorological Administration> “As mostly clear weather with occasional cloudiness is expected during the weekend, somewhat hot weather is expected due to the strong sunlight during the day due to the rise in temperature.”

For the time being, the atmosphere will be unstable, so showers will pass throughout the inland.

Typhoon No. 7 ‘Ran’, which is heading north to Japan, is expected to bypass Korea, but early next week, the east coast may rain due to indirect effects. 

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