Actor Kim Min-jong, who attended the National Assembly inspection, said, “I did nothing wrong and have no hesitation.”

Kim Min-jong, former actor and co-representative of KC Contents, said at the National Assembly on the 26th that the Incheon Free Economic Zone Authority had promoted construction in Songdo Zone 8 R2, B1, and B2 blocks (total of 210,000 m2), but decided to cancel it due to controversy over preferential treatment for KC Contents. The allegations of ‘Pop Content City’ were explained.

On this day, CEO Kim appeared as a witness for the National Assembly’s audit of the Trade, Industry, Energy, Small and Medium Venture Business Committee of the National Assembly, and expressed his position that ‘there was no mistake’ when Democratic Party lawmaker Chung Il-young raised suspicions that he received an inappropriate bid through a company and lobbying on paper.

Representative Jeong said on this day, “In September 2021, when CEO Kim was the representative of a company called KSC Holdings, the company and the Incheon Economic Office signed a ‘K-pop cultural business cluster creation business agreement (MOU)’, and in January of this year, CEO Kim signed a contract with the US LAS. “I met with the head of the Incheon Economic Office and executives during my business trip to Vegas,” he said.

When Rep. Jeong asked, “Did you discuss proceeding with the project through a private contract at this time?” Representative Kim denied, saying, “There was no discussion at all.”

In response, Rep. Jeong said, “KC Contents was established after CEO Kim had an inappropriate meeting with the head of the Incheon Economic Authority in Las Vegas, CEO Kim became the CEO of KC Contents, and the business entity was changed to KC Contents.” “An additional 15,000 pyeong has been added,” he said.

Rep. Jeong said, “At the time, the project was carried out as a private contract, but the controversy over preferential treatment arose, so it was canceled.” He asked, “The project was delayed and it became difficult for the residents. Are you willing to apologize?”

CEO Kim said, “The business was canceled without my knowledge, and I had a mental breakdown for a few days. If I have anything to apologize for, I will apologize.”

He said, “I have personally worked hard to attract companies such as SM Entertainment, JYP, FNC, and drama and movie production companies,” and added, “Even within the company, we are talking about going to other local governments that want this business, but I cannot do that yet.”

Regarding appearing as a witness at this National Assembly inspection, CEO Kim said, “Actually, I mainly worked on content at the company, and the business part was handled by another co-CEO.” He added, “I am an actor who debuted 35 years ago, but after today, I have turned into a businessman.” “It’s the same,” he said with a smile.

Representative Kim said, “The story of having to appear before the National안전놀이터 Assembly was covered in the news, and many people called with concern. Some even said, ‘Go abroad with a clear reason,’ but I didn’t want to avoid it,” he said. “Because I have no hesitation and have done nothing wrong.” did.

When People Power Party lawmaker Kim Seong-won asked, “I want to hear why you chose Songdo, Incheon (as a business site),” Representative Kim responded, “I happened to visit Songdo a long time ago and was surprised. “I knew at that time that Songdo is an international city, and if Songdo and K content are well combined, is there any way that a city like Hollywood won’t be created in our country?”

He continued, “Songdo’s biggest advantage is that it is close to Incheon International Airport. It started with my small mindset that Songdo is an international city and that if K content is well integrated into it, it will truly become a world-class international city.”

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