Aaron Judge’multiple home run’ came out again…MLB legend record’in front’

 Aaron Judge is rewriting major league history.

On the 30th (Korean time), Judge started as the right fielder in the 2023 American Professional Baseball Major League (MLB) Seattle Mariners away game held at T-Mobile Park in Seattle, Washington, USA, and took 4 at-bats, 3 hits, 3 runs, 3 RBIs, and 2 home runs. recorded

Judge, who withdrew with a fly ball from the second baseman in the first at-bat with one out in the first inning, scored a two-run home run over the left fence to Seattle starter Bryce Miller from first base without an out in the top of the third inning, where the score was 1-1.메이저놀이터

Then, in the third at-bat with no first base in the 5th inning, he recorded a left-handed double. He followed up with Carl Horn’s 2nd RBI double timely when he kicked home a run.

In the top of the 6th inning, with a lead of 8-4, Judge hit another solo home run against pitcher Juan Den, who had changed from one out, and scored multiple home runs.

He went on base with a walk in the last 8th inning at bat, but left regret with a follow-up hit.

It has been about 15 days since Judge hit a multi-home run against the Toronto Blue Jays on the 16th. 

In particular, he is chasing 4 games behind Major League legend DiMaggio (35 games), 4th in the MLB with the most multi-home runs in his personal career with 31 games.

Babe Ruth (68 games) holds the record for most multiple homers in the major league career, followed by Mickey Mantle (46 games), Lou Gehrig (43 games), DiMaggio, and Aaron Judge.

He also hit his 16th and 17th home runs of the season, widening the gap to Jordan Alvarez (Houston Astros) and Adolis Garcia (Texas Rangers, 14), who are second in home runs in the American League, to three.

The feeling of hitting the judge recently is unusual. He posted a batting average of 0.357, 11 home runs and 24 RBIs in 19 games starting on the 10th of this month, when he returned from a hip injury.

In addition, the Yankees also won 10-4 against Seattle on the day thanks to Judge’s performance. won three consecutive victories.

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