AAB, a new basketball motto, will hold ‘AAB Spring League 23’ on the 20th

AAB Spring League 23 is held. 

AAB, which has been running for the revival of basketball content with various crews, such as academy operation, pick-up game, and basketball video production, promoting a new basketball, has prepared a 3×3 festival. AAB will hold the AAB Spring League 23 on the 20th at Byanyan Tree Club & Spa Seoul AAB Park. 

This event is a 3×3 competition with 24 teams participating in the men’s adult division. 

In 2021, Samsung, SK, and the men’s 3×3 national team held a match to commemorate the opening of AAB Park, and AAB made their presence known. 

AAB’s spring league, which held the 3×3 competition again this year and opened the door to participation to general club members differently from previous years, received a great response as applications for 24 teams closed early. 

AAB prepared this Spring League as a festival with various things to see and enjoy, not just a basketball competition. On the day of the competition, a raffle, proof shot event, F&B and pop-up zone, as well as a basketball-themed art collection exhibition will be held.

The face of the participating teams is also diverse. First of all, Sports & Co, Ait Daegu, and PHE, which are currently active in the 3×3 stage, participated in the competition, and Wilson, the sponsor of the competition, also formed a team and threw a ballot. 안전놀이터

In this tournament, with a total prize money of 2 million won (gifts or gift certificates), 4 teams will form a group to qualify for each group, and the 1st and 2nd place in each group will advance to the final tournament. After the tournament, game photos and game videos will be provided through the AAB platform. 

With players from various nationalities such as the United States, Canada, Mongolia, and Europe participating, this tournament is expected to be a tournament that will leave a pleasant memory beyond competition. 

An AAB official also said, “We are planning various types of basketball festivals in the future. 

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