A shortstop from the free agency dynasty who only said he was “comfortable” with his new team, his first training session in the US, and a change in position. “The goal is to win” [airport interview]

Although it has been 15 years since my debut, I have been to the US mainland for the first time. He was happy to be back.안전놀이터

KT Wiz’s new shortstop Kim Sang-soo (33) experienced spring training only in Guam and Okinawa, perhaps because he played only for the Samsung Lions. He had never been to Arizona or Florida.

He came to KT as a free agent and stepped on Arizona soil for the first time. And he returned to Korea on the 8th after a month-long camp and smiled, saying, “It feels good to be able to come to Korea safely.” The KIA Tigers, who trained together in Tucson, Arizona, landed at a different airport due to a snowstorm, and the WBC national team couldn’t fly due to aircraft failure, so they took a bus to LA Airport. .

Director Lee Kang-cheol and the coaching staff were very considerate to make it comfortable. Kim Sang-soo said, “I am grateful that the coach told me to do what I want to do. So I think I can play more confidently.”

Kim Sang-soo, who recently played a lot as a second baseman, will play shortstop at KT. He fills the vacancy with the enlistment of shortstop Shim Woo-jun. Kim Sang-soo, who played an active role as the starting shortstop during the Samsung Dynasty, still has confidence in his shortstop. Kim Sang-soo said, “There is nothing different about being a shortstop. I prepared the same routine as before. It was rather more comfortable with the thought that I should prepare well for one position because I definitely had my own position.”

The hitting part was also prepared for an upgrade. Kim Sang-soo said, “I prepared by talking a lot with hitting coach Kim Kang.” When asked about his goal, he said, “I want to play in as many games as possible and help the team win.”

“I want to erase the word ‘aging curve’,” said Kim Sang-soo, who fought hard at the Arizona camp. If he shows good performance in the shortstop position, which requires a lot of physical strength, of course the word ‘aging curve’ will disappear and only the word ‘Hyeja free agent’ will remain.

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