A recurring nightmare, the fall of a famous family… Jeonbuk Hyundai, 20 years of hard work ‘shake’

The best team that has won 9 championships since 2009
Remaining in the bottom ranks due to lethargic play

Fans demanded “the resignation of the manager and CEO”
Even the noise at the front line is a ‘total crisis’

Flat football without color, lack of spirit and lethargic play, ranking drop, secretariat leadership missing , demand for supporters to stop cheering and the simultaneous resignation of the director and CEO, sharp confrontation between the secretariat and supporters, and a decrease in the number of spectators. Jeonbuk Hyundai, considered the best player in the K-League in the 2000s, is collapsing. It’s such a total mess that almost nothing has been done well. The image of a famous family built over 20 years is on the verge of collapse in an instant. The hard work of parent company Hyundai Motor Company, in which it has actively invested, is also at risk of being forgotten.

Jeonbuk is currently 9th out of 12 teams (2 wins, 1 draw and 4 losses). Only 7 goals were scored in 7 matches (8 goals conceded). ‘Dakgong’, which comes to mind when thinking of Jeonbuk, has disappeared. Only meaningless shooting is overused. Only one out of six shots on target is a goal. Criticism that “I can’t see the direction of what kind of soccer Jeonbuk is trying to play” is dominant. Director Kim Sang-sik, who has been in his third year in office, is unable to come up with any countermeasures, only lowering his head. Lee Yong-hoon, editor of soccer data analysis company Opta, said, “Kim Sang-sik is unable to dominate the game, with his share and competition win rate gradually decreasing, and his forward pass rate is still low, so he is playing frustrating and not linear.” The record confirms that this is the worst season since 2011.”

I can hear quite a bit of noise inside the front as well.메이저놀이터 There are also voices saying CEO Heo Byung-gil wields excessive authority. Some employees even receive psychiatric treatment due to severe work stress.

Jeonbuk supporters are also in serious confrontation with the club. Conflicts between the two sides intensified due to the failed meeting with CEO Huh, an apology for lack of sincerity for poor performance, and support from speakers at the club level in response to slogans for the resignation of the director and CEO. Supporters have not been officially cheering since the 1st. The average number of spectators at Jeonbuk’s home this year is only 12,294. Although public transportation is inconvenient, there are more and more empty seats in Jeonju, where 20,000 people gathered in its heyday.

Jeonbuk boasts the highest home win rate (74.7%) among all K-League clubs. Since 2009, when they first won the championship, they have been at the top of the K-League nine times. It is the first K-League championship to be won 5 years in a row. He also won the Asian Champions League in 2006 and 2016. The total annual salary of the Jeonbuk team in 2022 is 19.7 billion won, which is the overwhelming first place in the K-League. Former and current national team defenders such as Qatar World Cup star Cho Kyu-seong (25), top winger Song Min-gyu (24), national team midfielder Baek Seung-ho (26), Hong Jeong-ho (34) and Kim Jin-soo (31) are also staying below expectations. It is a waste of money received from the parent company.

If Hyundai Motor Company does not put the brakes on the soccer team and replace the engine and steering wheel, ‘Jeonbuk Hyundai Motor Company’, which has been painstakingly built, may have a major accident.

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