A missing high school girl returned to life at Boramae Park… Impressive Bonnie

 A high school girl who went missing in Bongcheon-dong메이저사이트, Gwanak-gu, Seoul was stopped at Boramae Park.

According to the police on the 20th, 15-year-old Kim Ji-hye, who went missing, left her house to go to school on the 17th, but lost contact with her family and was subsequently reported missing near her residence.

Accordingly, the police confirmed through CCTV that Miss Kim was moving alone, and she disappeared around 7:30 pm on the same day after being found in Boramae Park in Dongjak-gu. She was known to be wandering around Doksan-dong, Boramae Park, and Sillim Station.

Her Miss Kim disappears after changing into a jumper with a hat in her park bathroom, leaving her nowhere to be seen.

Kim’s family also said, “We are looking for our missing child through social network services ( SNS ). He went out to school on the 17th and hasn’t returned home,” he complained, saying, “There are records of him wandering around Doksan-dong, Boramae Park, and Sillim Station, but I haven’t been able to find them so far.”

“If you have seen the child, please contact me. Please pray for a safe return.”

The police requested that if they saw Ms. Kim, they would report it to the Gwanak Police Station’s Missing Investigation Team.

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