a harsh declaration ceremony for new entrants

So far, 12 drivers have lifted the trophy at the Maxim Coffee Cup, which they played 24 times. Seven out of the 12 players are participating in the championship. They are Shin Jin-seo, Park Jung-hwan, Kim Ji-seok, Lee Ji-hyun, Lee Ji-hyun, Choi Chul-han, Cho Han-seung, and Park Young-hoon, respectively.

With two rounds of round 32 being held sequentially every Monday and Tuesday evening, Shin Jin-seo and Kim Ji-seok 9 dan advanced to the round of 16, while Park Jung-hwan, Lee Ji-hyun and Choi Chul-han 9 dan were eliminated.

Four newcomers are entering their first season. They are Lee Chang-seok, Kim Jung-hyun, Han Woo-jin, and Han Woong-kyu, who were promoted to the rank of 9th dan last year. Lee Chang-seok, 9th dan, left regrets at last week’s debut, and Kim Jung-hyun, 9th dan, and Han Woo-jin, 9th dan, made debuts this week.

Newcomers continued to struggle to make a debut. At the 32nd round of the 25th Maxim Coffee Cup held at Go TV Studio on Sunday evening, Kim Jeong-hyeon, 9 dan, and Han Woo-jin, 9 dan, 9 dan, were defeated by Park Young-hoon, 9 dan, and Park Ha-min, respectively. 마카오토토주소

Kim Jeong-hyeon, 9 dan, was defeated by Park Young-hoon, a senior official who won the 9th and 12th competitions. In the ranking, Kim Jeong-hyeon, 14th, was far ahead of Park Young-hoon, 45th, but was completely defeated in terms of contents.

Hanwoo Jin, the youngest member of this year’s event, failed to surpass Park Ha-min, who is serving in the military. Park Ha-min, a 9th grader, ended the game by catching hemp amid turbulence from beginning to end. In terms of ranking, Park Ha-min is 15th, and Hanwoo Jin is 19th.

Meanwhile, Lee Se-dol (sixth), Park Jung-hwan (three) and Shin Jin-seo (nine) are the first players to win the Maxim Coffee Cup. Also, Park Jeong-sang (nine-dan), Kang Dong-yoon (nine-dan), and Lee Won-young (nine-dan) finished second in their first competition.

The prize money for the 25th Maxim Coffee Cup, in which 32 out of the 102 active players in Korea, including the two who reached the first-round final, are invited in order of ranking, is 50 million won. Next week, the round of 32 will be played between Cho Han-seung and Lee Won-young, Baek Hong-seok and Park Jin-sol, Kang Dong-yoon and Heo Young-ho, and Kang Yoo-taek and Kim Seung-jae.

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