A guest staying next door threw away trash… When I protested, “I saw your copy.”

This is a photo that was recently posted on an online community.

There is a lot of trash left in front of the electric pole소닉카지노. There are many different types, from plastic bottles to general waste and beer cans.

The author who posted this photo explained that there was trash left like this in front of his house, and it turned out that it was thrown away by a shared lodging guest in front of him.

They contacted the person who stayed there, and they said they would tell him to take out the trash if he gave them the landlord’s contact information.

However, he did not give me the landlord’s contact information, but instead said he would send me 30,000 won for trash disposal fees.

The writer responded that he was not a person who was paid to remove trash, so he would report it if he did not clean it up.

It is said that a formidable response followed.

A hotel guest asked, “Can that be considered private land?” There was no warning sign not to throw away trash, and even though they checked the certificate, they said there was no legal problem as it was not private land.

Furthermore, he was warned that if he contacted me again, he would use it as evidence to file a blackmail complaint.

Netizens reacted by saying things like, “You’re throwing away trash and talking about the law, and you’re in trouble,” and “Don’t respond, report it.”

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