A blast from Germany hits Brazil! Germany defeats ‘world champion’ Italy

There is literally nothing rough about it. A gust of wind from Germany is shaking the entire Rio de Janeiro.

Germany defeated Italy with a set score of 3-1 (26-24, 18-25, 25-20, 25-23) in the Group A match of the 2024 Paris Olympics men’s volleyball preliminary round ‘Road to Paris’ held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on the 5th Korean time. and went on a 4-game winning streak. Germany, which won a match between teams that had won three games in a row, took the sole lead in Group A.

Germany is continuing its sensational streak by defeating the host team Brazil, followed by Italy, the winner of the 2022 FIVB Men’s World Championship. The 13-9 lead in blocking was decisive. Görgi Grosser led the attack with 31 points, and Anton Brehme added 12 points in the center. For Italy, Yuri Romano scored 16 points, but left something to be desired at crucial moments, and captain Simone Gianelli’s game management was also somewhat unstable. In the end, I suffered my first loss in this preliminary round.

In the beginning of the first set, both teams faced off tightly. Breme and Gianluca Galassi exchanged quick attacks side by side, and both sides seemed to be nervous and frequently missed serve. It was Germany that took the lead first. At 9-7, Daniele Labia’s open attack was blocked by Breme, and Micheletto’s pipe that followed went off the line. However, Italy quickly tied the game at 10-13, with Galassi scoring consecutive points with a fast break and blocking, and Romano adding a back attack.

Germany, which continued to maintain a narrow lead, entered the 20-point range and continued the trend of ‘beating the drum and hitting the drum’ by making serve errors after scoring. Meanwhile, Gianelli and Giovanni Sanguinetti made a quick attack, and Germany reached the set point first. However, at 22-24, Grosser made a mistake in his attack, and even his attempted back attack was blocked by Sanguinetti, sending the first set to a deuce. In the end, Grozer succeeded in breaking the tie at deuce. He immediately scored two consecutive points to make it 26-24.

The second set was as close as the first set, but this time Italy took the lead. Micheletto’s attack, which had been somewhat sluggish in the first set, came back to life, and even Germany’s consecutive mistakes led to an 11-8 lead. In addition, the atmosphere in Italy became even hotter as Yuri Romano scored consecutive serves at 12-10, and the score gap widened to 5 points at 17-12 due to Ruben Short’s attack error. 

Italy, who reached 20 points in the second half of the메이저사이트 set thanks to Daniele Labia’s exciting pipe and Romano’s high ball, maintained a comfortable score gap. On the other hand, Germany’s coach Michal Winiarski prepared for the third set by calling Grozer into the warm-up zone as the loss deepened at 17-21 due to Short’s absurd double contact error. Italy reached the set point with another sharp pipe from Labia, and Micheletto took charge of the 25th point at 24-18, winning the second set.

In the 3rd set, there was a close battle in the early stages of more than 1-2 sets. Until 10-10, the score difference was never more than 2 points. Italy first took a two-point lead thanks to Mortiz Reichhardt’s attack error and Galassi’s blocking, but Germany also took a two-point lead at 13-13 thanks to Grozer’s back attack and serve score. Germany took the first three-point lead of the third set at 16-14 thanks to Romano’s offensive mistake.

Italy had difficulty chasing after Micheletto at 15-18, committing an offensive mistake. Then coach Ferdinando de Giorgi made a change by removing Micheletto and inserting Tommaso Rinaldi. However, Italy still failed to regain its performance at 16-19, with Romano unable to resolve a chance ball that was passed over due to a breathing mistake between Johannes Till and Grozer. Italy attempted a final chase with Romano scoring his third serve at 18-22, but the subsequent serve ended up being a mistake, and at 24-20, Tobias Crick cut off Romano’s open attack with a block, giving Germany the third set.

Breme and Grozer’s performance shone in the early part of the 4th set. Breme fired a cannonball-like fast attack in a situation where stable receiving was achieved, and Grosser scored valuable consecutive points at 8-8 with clever ball handling and solid blocking. The blocking score at 9-8 was also Grosser’s 100th score in this Olympic qualifier. Germany widened the lead to 4 points at 13-10 when Reichhardt blocked Romano’s back attack.

Afterwards, Reichhardt picked up the pace by scoring points with attacks, and even scored a serve at 16-11, establishing himself as the protagonist of the fourth set. Germany, which continued to maintain its lead, faced its biggest challenge at the end of the set, conceding five consecutive points on Riccardo Sbertoli’s serve at 22-16. Fortunately, Germany did not allow a tie due to Grozer’s score, but Rabia’s serve line fault brought Germany to match point, and at 24-23, Galassi’s serve error resulted in a 4-game winning streak.

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