A 24-month-old child is annoyed by the heat wave… “I can’t drink water in the Blue House”

reported that parents who were visiting the메이저놀이터 Blue House returned home because they could not give water to their 24-month-old child due to the heat wave . It is pointed out that it is forbidden to bring drinks into the Blue House building, and there is no separate space, so measures are needed for safe viewing. This is reporter Ahn Dong-jun’s report. [Reporter] On the 29th of last month, when a heatwave warning was issued, Mr. A visited the Blue House with his 24-month-old daughter. While he went into the main building to watch, he took out a water bottle when the child said he wanted to drink, but was immediately stopped by the staff. [Mr. A / Sancheok-dong, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do: They said that if you want to drink water, you have to go outside and drink it. once yes i know Because that’s the rule… .] The two-year-old child, who was still too young to endure thirst, insisted on drinking water, and it was difficult to leave the building every time, so Mr. A stopped watching and went home within 10 minutes of entering . [Mr. A / Sancheok-dong, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do: I can’t give water to babies who can’t control their menstruation, but I don’t have to go there. No matter how much you make good memories for your spouse or baby… .] In the Blue House building, there is neither a space to drink beverages nor a facility to store beverages brought in.

This is because there are many exhibits made of paper, so there is a risk of damage.

However, it is not an environment where you can drink enough water just because you are outside the building.

There is no place that sells water, and

there are drinking fountains outside the building, but there are only three such drinking fountains in the spacious Blue House.

In addition, fog sprayers and shade curtains are installed only on the road between the main building and the main gate, so when moving to another building, you have to face the scorching sun.

[Shin Jun-woo · Hwang Ki-won · Shin Jun-seop / Hakam-dong, Hanam-si, Gyeonggi-do: It’s so hot that I think I’ll have to wear a hat and carry an umbrella. It’s still too hot… . / I think I’m going to die from the heat.]

In response, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism announced that it would consider putting a drinking water space inside the building and looking into ways to improve drinking fountains, which are in high demand in the hot summer.

While the government recommends ‘frequent drinking of water’ as a rule to prevent heat-related illnesses, it seems necessary to take measures to visit the Blue House safely in midsummer.

This is YTN Ahn Dong-jun.

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