3G No. 1′ Seo Geon-chang No. 8 demoted… Director Yeom Gyeong-yeop “The best hitter has to go 1 and 2”

Seo Geon-chang (34), who kept the LG Twins’ number one hitter position for three consecutive games at the start of the 2023 season, gave up the position for the first time. Hong Chang-ki (30), who currently has the most outstanding sense of hitting, took the vacant spot.

LG coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop said ahead of the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League regular season away game with Kiwoom Heroes, which will be held at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on the 5th, “Because the most at-bats go in the 1st and 2nd rounds, the best hitter has to go in. I do,” and changed the batting order.

LG: Hong Chang-ki (left fielder) – Moon Seong-joo (right fielder) – Kim Hyun-soo (designated hitter) – Austin Dean (1st baseman) – Oh Ji-hwan (shortstop) – Park Dong-won (catcher) – Moon Bo-kyung (3rd baseman) – Seo Geon-chang (2nd baseman) – Park Hae-min ( center fielder) in the batting order. The starting pitcher is Lee Min-ho.

The most notable thing is the 8th demolition of Seo Geon-chang, who has been playing as number 1 all the time. In 13 demonstration games this year, Seo Geon-chang had a batting average of 0.362 (17 hits in 47 at-bats) and an on-base percentage of 0.412, so he took the leadoff spot from the opening game. In fact, in the regular season, he was sluggish with a batting average of 0.125 (2 hits in 16 at-bats) in 3 games. Although the sample is small, the quality of the batted ball was also not very satisfactory.

On the other hand, Hong Chang-ki with a batting average of 0.306 in the exhibition game continued that momentum into the regular season. He is in good condition with a batting average of 0.600 (6 hits in 10 at-bats) and an on-base percentage of 0.714 in three games.

In response, coach Yeom said, “During the demonstration game, Seo Geon-chang, the hitting feeling was good, but the pace seemed to be falling, so I told him to hit it comfortably in No. 8. You can lose. Also, you can create opportunities not only by hitting (hits) but also by moving (running bases).”

It’s called a double table setter. If Seo Geon-chang and Park Hae-min, who already have the first and second experience, play the role of table setter, the opportunity will flow to the best hitters. An aggressive approach was also required here.

Manager Yeom said, “I told the hitters to approach the opponent aggressively from the first pitch. The best thing for us is to hit aggressively and have a good on-base rate. I think it is a truly offensive team when the on-base rate is raised while taking .”

He added,안전놀이터 “Since spring camp, I have been very emphatic to hit it like that while forming my own zone, but it is positive that it is connected to the regular season as such results are gradually created.”

It was for this reason that the previous day (4th), the LG lineup attacked Kiwoom starter Ariel Furado, who was impregnable by giving only one hit until the third inning.

Manager Yeom said, “When analyzing power, I said to aim for the fastball system quickly, but while the batting order was spinning, everyone was watching the first ball, so after the third inning, hitting coach Lee Ho-jun had a team meeting again. I saw the effect of,” he smiled.

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