33 points, the most for a freshman in a game, Jang Hyun-seo’s amazing scoring ability

Myongji University freshman Jang Hyeon-seo (181cm, G) exploded the most 33 points in a college basketball league game.스포츠토토

Myongji University won 96-76 against Chosun University on the 24th and escaped from a three-game losing streak.

It’s a game that must be won, of course, but nothing is taken for granted. If they lost to Chosun University, their hopes of advancing to the playoffs for the first time in the season could be over.

Myongji University, which was level at 23-20 in the first quarter, gradually widened the score gap from the second quarter. Jeong In-ho, who should lead the score with So Jun-hyuk and Jun Harrigan, was sluggish with 4 points. Jang Hyun-seo filled this position.

Jang Hyun-seo consistently scored 33 points in all quarters. Jang Hyun-seo was a freshman who scored a total of 16 points in 4 games before the game that day. When given a chance to play properly in the match against Chosun University, Jang Hyun-seo showed off her scoring ability without regret.

The 33 points is the record for the most points scored in a single college basketball league game this year.

◆ 2023 College League 30 points + record
Lee Joo-young 30 points March 17 vs. Kyung Hee University
Kang-Hyun Lee 32 points March 23 vs. Myongji University
Freddy 30 points May 4 vs. Sangmyung University
Jang Hyeon-seo 33 points May 24 vs. shipway

Myongji University coach Kim Tae-jin said, “Jang Hyun-seo is good at one-on-one. The Chosun University defended closely and penetrated all of them. There is a one-on-one pattern. (Jang Hyeon-seo) made good use of her strengths. Even though he has a bad mid-range shot, he put it all in, and he put all his floaters. I play basketball like that. He told me to give him a pass if he was blocked by the defense, but there was no help defense, so I had a chance to score,” he said. Then his brothers have a chance. We played like that in the second half. So I gave Hyun-seo a chance to attack, and Lee Min-cheol was able to rest,” he praised Jang Hyun-seo.

“If we make up for our shortcomings, we can go one step further. I did really well during this winter training, but I didn’t give a pass when I played against a team that was defending in rotation. The problem was not passing when the help defense came,” he said. When the defense (blocking Jang Hyeon-seo) is lagging, the following alternatives have been created. I gained confidence,” he added.

Lee Min-cheol said, “Jang Hyeon-seo is good at one-on-one, but the opponent’s defense was tight, so I had more opportunities, and Hyun-seo did well. I was grateful that Hyunseo did what I had to do instead.”

Jang Hyun-seo said, “It was always helpful to practice a lot at night,” and “I think the shot went well because I practiced more than 100 shots a day.”

Jang Hyeon-seo was a player who had a good understanding of breakthroughs since middle school, to the extent that he cited his breakthrough as his strength. He also played as an offensive guard in high school.

Hyun-seo Jang, his freshman year, made a name for himself on the college stage this year by scoring the most points in a single game.

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