3 hits + walks = scoreless crisis… Mistakes, operational misses, ending collapse, LG’s worst day

LG Baseball, which seemed to be relatively cruising by rising to first place alone in the regular season, showed a lack of concentration in the weekend 3-game series and showed lethargy. The base run play was not smooth, a decisive error came out, and even the winning group collapsed due to a strategy miss.

LG lost 8-12 in the last game against KIA held at Jamsil Stadium on the 30th, giving up all three weekend games. In this series, which was attended by 10,000 spectators for two consecutive days, it collapsed with three consecutive losses, leaving a bitter aftertaste. You can lose matches, you can lose in a row, but the contents were not very good.

On the 28th, they lost after a bloody battle in the 11th overtime, and on the 29th, they couldn’t overcome the mound’s hunting in the beginning of the game and ended up losing LG. There was still a relatively long distance to the 50% win rate, but there were parts that could not be tolerated with 3 consecutive losses on the weekend. However, on the 28th and 29th, LG, which collapsed due to frequent jurusa, checks, operational failures, and mistakes, had to admit defeat in a similar fashion on the 30th.

Mistakes from the start made the score feel bad. In the first inning with one out and second base, Kim Sun-bin’s ball rolled effortlessly in front of first baseman Austin. Austin threw the ball to pitcher Kelly who was entering base cover, but Kelly did not catch it well and dropped the ball. Ko Jong-wook, who went to third base, saw it and jumped home, raising the first score of the day. If there were no mistakes, there were no mistakes.

In the 6th inning, with a 3-2 lead, starter Kelly provided an excuse to turn around by hunting for the first ball. Kim Sun-bin, Choi Hyung-woo, and Hwang Dae-in allowed consecutive walks. It was an unbelievable 3 consecutive walks by Kelly, who only walked 2 per 9 innings in his career. In the end, Socrates allowed a sacrifice fly to tie the score, and then Park Myung-geun gave up an additional run and the game turned over again.

In the 6th counterattack, behind 3-4, the strategy miss was noticeable. When leader Park Dong-won hit a double next to the left fielder, the LG bench ordered Park Hae-min to make a sacrifice bunt. Usually, a sacrifice bunt reduces the expected score. It was a strategy that did not need to be used unless the 1 point was absolutely necessary and the team behind had no special circumstances.

It looked like he was trying to tie the score and fight the bullpen, but Park Hae-min’s sacrifice bunt appeared in front of the catcher. Catcher Han Seung-taek caught it quickly and the batter was out, and the runner Shin Min-jae, the second base runner, couldn’t return, so two out counts went up.

He sacrificed his main catcher Park Dong-won and even used a large runner, but faced the worst situation as two outcounts went up at once. Afterwards, Hong Chang-gi and Moon Seong-joo’s consecutive hits and Kim Hyun-soo’s walk made it two out and full base, so this bunt failure was very regrettable. It was in danger of being scoreless with three hits and one walk, but it was fortunate that Austin’s batted ball landed in front of the center fielder and scored two runs. Even first base runner Kim Hyun-soo was out trying to get home, so there was no additional point.안전놀이터

The most painful mistake came in the 8th inning when the match was 5-5. Jung Woo-young was hit by a double by Socrates after one out, but Lee Chang-jin was caught with a ground ball to third base, and Han Seung-taek was induced with a floating ball to right field, ending the inning. But here, Moon Seong-joo failed to catch it, so Socrates came home and could not finish the inning. He did jump down to catch the ball, but it wasn’t a difficult defense that required a dive.

Even the finisher Ko Woo-seok was one point behind and put in an all-out war, but in the end, Ryu Ji-hyeok added two more timely hits. The batting line made up for 3 points in the 8th inning and returned the game to the starting point, but Ko Woo-seok could not throw his own ball even in the 9th inning.

From the start, Kim Seon-bin and Choi Hyeong-woo walked, leading to the 1st and 2nd bases safely, and Hwang Dae-in’s batted ball passed the height of the 3rd baseman and rolled in front of the left fielder, giving the finish line. After that, Socrates hit a 3-run home run in the middle right and had to admit the KO loss. On this day, Ko Woo-seok conceded 4 runs while catching one out count. There was no restraint, and the restraint was also shaken. The loss of the game on this day was, of course, a point that would continue to raise concerns in the future.

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