‘0-3 complete defeat’ Tuchel Hwangdang captain “Can’t play British loan players… What’s wrong with Germany?”

Bayern Munich coach Thomas Tuchel expressed his dissatisfaction with the league’s rules after he lost the game due to a player he sent on loan before the opening.

German media “Bild” reported on the 11th (Korea time) that “Thomas Tuchel wanted to change the rules instead of acknowledging a mistake against Josip Stanisic while complaining and lacking regulations in the German Bundesliga.”

Munich was completely defeated 0-3 in the 21st round of the German Bundesliga against Bayer Leverkusen in the 2023-24 season at Bayer Leverkusen in Leverkusen, Germany, on the 11th.

This match can be regarded as the Bundesliga championship game for this season. Munich, which won the title for 11 consecutive years before the match, is ranking second in the league with 50 points, while Leverkusen is leading the league with 52 points with 20 unbeaten matches (16 wins and 4 draws) since the opening.

If Munich wins and gives Leverkusen its first league defeat this season, Munich and Leverkusen’s ranking will change, and Munich could lead the league by one point.

However, the result was a complete defeat for Munich. Munich did its best to recruit key defender Kim Min-jae who just returned to Germany from Qatar after the 2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Asian Cup, but failed to score a single goal while allowing three goals, thus conceding three points to Leverkusen.

In particular, Stanisic, who was loaned to Leverkusen from Munich last summer, scored a dagger. In the 18th minute of the first half, Andreich’s cross was connected with a right-footed shot in the box to score the goal. Sasha Boy, a new player in the winter transfer market, failed to mark Stanisic properly, giving up a point.

Munich, which finished the first half 0-1, completely collapsed at the start of the second half. Alex Grimaldo, which received Nathan Teller’s pass within five minutes, scored 2-0 with his left-footed shot in the box. While Grimaldo was exchanging one-two passes with Teller, the Munich defense was out of control.

Munich struggled to score a chasing goal, but Leverkusen sealed the match. Jeremy Frimpong’s shot, which was replaced in the 42nd minute of the second half, did not lead to a goal when he hit the net, but in the scene where he attempted a counterattack after blocking Munich’s gun attack that came up to Neuer in the second half extra time, Frimpong kicked it exactly into an empty net and made it 3-0.

With a complete defeat on the day, Munich maintained its second position with 16 wins, two draws and three losses with 50 points. Leverkusen, on the other hand, maintained its lead with 17 wins and four draws with 55 points, widening the gap with Munich to five points.

Meanwhile, Tuchel, who completely lost his showdown with Leverkusen’s Xavi Alonso, suddenly expressed dissatisfaction with Bundesliga regulations, drawing attention. He pointed out that Stanisic, who was transferred on loan, played against his original team 꽁머니.

According to the media, Tuchel said after the game, “England has a good rule that a loan transfer player cannot play against his original team,” adding, “I think this is the most meaningful. I’ve seen too many loan players involved in important actions against the original team.”

“Unfortunately, this rule does not exist in Germany, so we are now struggling with it,” he added.

According to English Premier League rules, players on loan cannot play against their original teams. Tuchel, who coached Chelsea, a powerful Premier League player, before taking charge of Munich, missed the rule when he lost to Stanisic, who had moved to Leverkusen on loan.

However, Tuchel’s comment was laughed at by soccer fans. It was Tuchel who allowed Stanisic to move to Leverkusen on loan.

Born in 2000, Stanisic is a Croatian defender and Munich youth player who can play right back as well as center back and left back. Ahead of the opening of the season, Tuchel sent Stanisic on loan to Leverkusen.

This decision had a huge negative impact on Munich. Not only Stanisic but also Lucca Hernandez and Bangjamain Pavard (Inter Milan) were sent out, but Munich lacked defensive resources and had to suffer from knee injury, which led to Kim’s overwork. Sometimes midfielder Konrad Reimer and Leon Goretzka played as defenders.

Munich eventually hired Eric Dier from Tottenham Hotspur on loan in the winter. Therefore, fans expressed dissatisfaction with the club and Tuchel’s choice, saying that if Stanisic had not been hired in the first place, he would not have had a defensive problem.

In the end, Tuchel faced even greater criticism when he lost to Stanisic in his showdown with Leverkusen. In this situation, fans could not hide their absurdity when Tuchel suddenly blamed the Bundesliga loan rules.

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