‘Worst day’ Kim Jin-soo, drunk disciplinary action → leaving → losing the match against Seoul… completely lost the captain’s ‘characteristic’

From drinking disciplinary action to direct exit, it was the “worst day” for Kim Jin-soo (32).

Jeonbuk was completely defeated 1-5 in the 20th round home game of “Hana Bank K League 1 2024” at Jeonju World Cup Stadium on the 29th.

Jeonbuk, which had no win in seven games, failed to pull out of the match with 16 points (3 wins, 7 draws and 10 losses). What is more shocking is that Jeonbuk, once called the “natural enemy of Seoul,” suffered humiliating defeat in the match against Seoul for the first time in seven years since July 23, 2017. The team’s 21 matches without loss (16 wins and 5 draws) over the past seven years ended with a complete defeat on the day.
Jeonbuk’s captain Kim Jin-soo provided the biggest excuse for his complete defeat. It was the “worst day” of this season. Coincidentally, the fact that he was given internal disciplinary action for drinking during the season became known through media reports right before the game, and he bowed his head as he was sent off in the second half.

When asked about Kim Jin-soo’s drinking discipline to Jeonbuk coach Kim Doo-hyun, who met before the game, he said, “I talked with Kim Jin-soo enough and it was all sealed internally, so I’m a little sorry that the article came out.” He added, “There may be something that tries to shake us, but at times like this, we have no choice but to trust each other and overcome it.” 안전놀이터

However, as the game began, Kim could not overcome any of the burden. He started wearing the captain’s armband, but was forced out after 15 minutes in the second half. At 15 minutes in the second half when Jeonbuk was losing 0-2, Kim Jin-soo raised his foot high and hit Choi in the side during the ball contest. Choi fell down in pain, and Kim Jin-soo appealed that it was not a foul. However, the referee took out a red card after VAR. Kim Jin-soo covered his face with his hands and exited the stadium blaming himself.

Jeonbuk lost its will to chase after Kim Jin-su, allowing another goal as soon as he left. Seoul was given a free kick on the spot where Kim Jin-su fouled. When Lingard, who played as a kicker, hit a defender and the ball that floated low, Lee Seung-mo shot at the gate to shake the net. Since then, Jeonbuk has been completely defeated 1-5 by conceding two more goals while being outnumbered.

Kim Jin-soo’s direct exit is the second time this season. In April, he was sent off for kicking Kim Tae-hwan in the match against Jeju United. Even then, Jeonbuk fell into a numerical inferiority and lost 0-2 to Jeju. Kim Jin-soo’s play, which cannot control emotions, adversely affected the team several times. Moreover, with the team at its worst, the uncharacteristic behavior is getting stinging eyes from fans.

After the match, Kim Jin-soo passed the joint coverage area with a heavy expression. A heavy atmosphere lingered over most of the Jeonbuk players. “I will wake up first and prepare well for the next game in a difficult situation,” coach Kim Doo-hyun said, adding, “I think it is imperative for players to quickly forget this pain and regain stability.”

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