Woods files for dismissal of suit… “Herman gladly agreed to sign the NDA.”

Tiger Woods (48, USA), the ‘golf emperor’ who has recently been caught up in another sexual scandal, has applied for dismissal of a lawsuit filed against him by his ex-girlfriend Erica Herman.

On the 9th, Yahoo Sports of the United States disclosed the contents of the application submitted by Woods, saying, “Woods and his lawyers submitted an application to dismiss the lawsuit and obtained it.”

“Herman’s allegation demonstrates a lack of understanding of the procedure to be followed in the hearing,” Woods wrote in the application. As the record clearly shows, Woods willingly agreed to Herman signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), and Woods is working to enforce his rights.”

Previously, Herman accused Woods of molesting her, saying he was forced to sign a non-disclosure agreement while he was working at her Woods’ restaurant. In October of last year, Herman filed a lawsuit against Woods’ home trust seeking damages of 30 million dollars (approximately 39.81 billion won). He claimed at the time that he had a verbal agreement to live at Woods’ home for another five years, but was evicted.

He subsequently filed another lawsuit in March claiming that the confidentiality agreement he had signed was invalid.

Woods and Herman dated for nearly six years, beginning in 2017, and they often attended major events with Woods’ children. They seem to have broken up in October of last year.

According to Yahoo Sports, the documents submitted by Woods’ team also include DNA exchanged between Herman and Woods’ chief financial officer (CFO) Chris Hubman in early 2017. In the filing, Herbman said, “Your job at Jupiter, Woods’ restaurant, and your personal relationship with Woods are items of contention.” In addition, it is stated that Herman asked Herbman CFO what would happen if he broke up with Woods, and Herbman replied, “There is no problem because we will not disclose the contents of the document to protect Woods and children.”

Yahoo Sports said,바카라사이트 “A hearing is scheduled for the next day, and at this meeting, Woods’ lawyers will formally request a dismissal of the lawsuit against Woods.”

Meanwhile, Woods has been unable to compete in the tournament indefinitely after undergoing ankle surgery last month. He withdrew during the Masters Tournament, the event immediately prior to surgery.

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