‘We are going to reform the atmosphere’… Jeonbuk in crisis will replace captain Kim Jin-soo → Park Jin-seop ahead of Daejeon and the war of destruction

Jeonbuk Hyundai changed its captain from Kim Jin-soo to Park Jin-seop.

Jeonbuk said Tuesday that it will start anew with Park Jin-seop, who will serve as captain for the rest of the season. Jeonbuk’s previous captain was Kim Jin-soo. Park Jin-seop, who has become the new captain, has been discharged from the military after entering the training center for basic military training (exempted from military service due to gold medal at the Hangzhou Asian Games). As soon as he was discharged from the military, he took on the important role of captain. 밤알바
It is related to Jeonbuk’s situation. Jeonbuk, the most prestigious team in the K-League, is currently at the bottom at the 12th place. Naturally, the team had high expectations for the team to overcome its slump, but it is currently ranked 12th with no wins in seven recent matches. It had no first win since Kim Doo-hyun took the helm, and suffered a crushing defeat to FC Seoul 1-5 in the previous match, destroying the team’s unbeaten record against Seoul for seven years.

Various unfavorable factors are repeated. Still, the number of injured is high, and the defense line is shaky. After the match against Seoul, some players were spotted at the lounge bar in Seoul, sparking controversy. It is encouraging that Thiago’s scoring ability has been revived, but even foreigners are struggling, making Jeonbuk even more mired in a slump.

There was also a risk of captaincy. Captain Kim Jin-su needs to maintain the balance and give trust to players and fans, but he has been criticized for being harmful to his team and failing to play a role as captain by repeating harsh plays including exits against Seoul. Jeonbuk, which has been mired in various issues, remains at the bottom of the list and is facing its first-ever demotion.

Jeonbuk has changed its captain to Park Jin-seop, seeking to renew its mood. “The society is unfamiliar. I spent a long time at the training center. I wanted to see my fans soon. I will train hard and show good performance at the stadium,” Park said.

In the next match, Jeonbuk will face Daejeon Hana Citizen. It is a battle of destruction that will have a significant impact on the remaining battle. Kim Jin-su cannot appear on the day due to disciplinary action, and Park Jin-seop is also in the process of boosting his physical condition, which is why he will not be able to play. Jeonbuk is trying to secure a rebound by winning the match against Daejeon, escaping from the bottom place, and recording its first win under coach Kim Doo-hyun.

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