‘There was no gap for graduates’ Chung-Ang University recorded 5 wins and 1 loss in the first 6 games

It was a central university that had many concerns, but it started off pleasantly by recording 5 wins and 1 loss in the early season.

Chung-Ang University recorded 10 wins and 4 losses in the college league last season with Park In-woong and Moon Ga-on at the fore. However, the two players left the university stage and raised many concerns. Yang Hyeong-seok, coach of Chung-Ang University, also said, “I was a little worried to be honest. (Moon) Gaon and (Park) In-woong went into winter training, worrying about the gap.”

However, the beginning of the season at Chung-Ang University was off to a good start. He won the match against Sangmyung University and recorded a winning streak after that. Although they met Kyunghee University and lost unfortunately, they recorded 5 wins and 1 loss in their first 6 matches.

Manager Yang said, “(Lim) Dong-eon is doing well and the position is different, but (Lee) Joo-young also goes in the outside and moves without the ball is very good. The team doesn’t seem too bad. All players became one and filled the gap in the 4th grade well,” he said about the upward trend at the beginning of the season.

“The last match was a bit disappointing. Still, we have to prepare for the second half and get through it. I try to go in an atmosphere where I don’t want to be attached. It is during the midterm exams, so we have to prepare for the match on the 27th again.”

As mentioned earlier, Chung-Ang University, which recorded 5 consecutive wins, met Kyunghee University and lost. Yang, who looked back at the time, said, “At the time, there was no coach at Kyunghee University. That seemed to motivate the players. Kyung Hee University players were united and active. There are various analyzes such as losing in the rebound fight, but our players were pushed out of the fighting spirit and atmosphere,” he said with a defeat.

Also, “Due to team circumstances,메이저놀이터 we have no choice but to focus on the advanced position. (Kim) Hyu-beom has an injury and has not shown anything after the first game against Kyung Hee University. The rest of the players also had a lot of ups and downs to judge that they were stable. It’s a pity that’s the case,” he said, sharing his regret.

After six games, Chung-Ang University will enter a short break due to midterm exams. When the break period is over, it is now time to face the teams of the other group. Coach Yang said, “There will be partial changes to the team. But there won’t be any major changes. It is important to show the image prepared from the winter season,” he said.

And “Hyu-beom returns, then (Lee) Joo-young’s burden will be reduced. Now, the understanding of the players is over. It is important how much you concentrate,” he concluded the interview.

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