“The next generation of billiards 女 God, I got another champ.” Jung Soo-bin and Kim Ye-eun beat them to the semifinals for the first time in their lives

Will the next generation of beauty stars be born in the women’s professional basketball league? Jung Soo-bin (24) of NH Nonghyup Card has advanced to the semifinals for the first time in her career by beating champion-turned-powerhouses following Kim Ga-young (Hana Card).

Jung beat Kim in the quarterfinals of the “Hana Card PBA Championship” held at Kintex PBA Stadium in Gyeonggi Province on Sunday. They won the match three to two after a close game of full set.

He is breaking his personal best record in the second tour this season. Jung joined the PBA as a wild card in the third tour of the 2022-23 season, and advanced to the round of 16 in the eighth tour. He was eliminated in the first round of the finals in the opening game of this season, but made it to the round of 4 in the second tour.
NH Nonghyup Card has proven why it recruited Kim, who is almost unknown before the season. In the round of 64 strongest teams, Jung beat Kim Ga-young, who had the most wins in women’s teams in seven times and who won the grand prize last season. Notably, he trailed 12 to 23, scoring seven and six runs, and achieved a come-from-behind turnaround in two innings, catching a big fish.

She even beat Kim Ye-eun, who won the title twice and was the runner-up for the third time. In the quarterfinals on the day, Jung lost the first set to Kim Ye-eun 6 to 11 in the first set. Jung also won the second set 11 to 6 in five innings, but Kim seemed to be advancing to the semifinals by winning the third set 11 to 3 in eight innings.

However, Jung’s sense of responsibility shone through. After 13 innings of close struggle, he won the fourth set with 11 to 8, and brought the game to square one, before clinching the win with 9 to 7 by posting three points in four innings and two points in five innings, which was the final five sets.

Jeong was a college student when she debuted at the PBA. However, her experience in 10 tours along with tremendous efforts is bearing fruit. “After taking a leave of absence from school, I trained for six to seven hours a day,” Jeong said.

Kim Da-hee (26) also made a splash in her 20s. She beat Kang Ji-eun (3-1, SK Rent-a-Car), who also won two PBA titles, to advance to the semifinals.

Kim Da-hee, who debuted in the 2022-23 season like Jung Soo-bin, advanced to the round of 16 strongest teams in her first season and the quarterfinals in her last season. She broke her personal best record to the semifinals this season. 핑크알바

Kim Da-hee gained the upper hand by winning 11 to 5 (11 innings) in the first set and 11 to 10 in the second set after 19 innings. Kang Ji-eun also fought back with 11 to 7 (12 innings) in the third set, but Kim easily won the fourth set with 11 to 2 (7 innings).

Kim Da-hee, who worked as a hobbyist as an office worker, said, “I changed not only the amount of training but also my mindset.” He added, “As I focused on the desire to do well and the thought that I shouldn’t do it like this, billiards became fun and naturally (training) time increased.”

In another quarterfinal match, former PBA champions suffered a setback. Kim Sang-ah defeated Choi Hye-mi (Welcome Savings Bank) and Kim Min-young (Woori Financial Capital) defeated Baek Min-joo (Crown Haitai) by a score of three to one.

The semifinal match of the women’s team to be held on Sunday will be a match between Jeong Su-bin and Kim Sang-ah, and Kim Da-hee and Kim Min-young. The winner will have a showdown with the winner of the best-of-seven series at 10 p.m. on Sunday for 40 million won (39,400 U.S. dollars). Whoever wins the championship will be the first winner of the competition.

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