“The fluke season is right, but…” Lotte’s hope factor seen by the most hit legend commentator

Will the momentum of the Lotte Giants be broken after a ‘spring blast’?

On the 22nd, Lotte suffered a sweep loss in three consecutive away matches against KT Wiz. Lotte, who suffered two sweep losses against KT in June alone, is accepting a poor record of 3 wins and 13 losses in the last 16 games.

Lotte, which seemed to be building a top-three system with SSG Landers and LG Twins at the start of June, was pushed back to fourth place, giving up third place to NC Dinos. Now, the distance to 5th place Kiwoom Heroes (2 games) is closer than the distance to 3rd place NC (3 games). The odds ratio, which once exceeded 60%, has now become even 50% at stake (32 wins, 31 losses, 0.508)

. ’, he mentioned Lotte’s upward trend at the beginning of the season this season. Commissioner Park Yong-taek said, “If you look at the records in various ways메이저사이트, the team’s overall hitting index and pitcher index are not good at anything.” He said, “The atmosphere is similar to that of Hanwha, who went to baseball in the fall of 2018. When it comes to a winning game, he catches the game somehow. Hitters also play well when they get a chance. They rank first in the scoring range (0.295).” Fluke is right,” he calmly analyzed.

Commissioner Park Yong-taek said, “There are many players who can’t do what they want to do. Kang-Nam Yoo, Dong-Hee Han, etc., are not able to do all the one-two punches of foreign pitchers or players who need to do. It won’t fade away, and I think the fight for the top ranks will continue like LG and SSG.”

Lotte had a good record of 14 wins, 1 draw and 9 losses in April of last year, but experienced a nightmare in May (9 wins and 15 losses) and fell to the bottom of the ranks. This year, I wanted to succeed in overcoming the ‘Bomde’ jinx by cruising through April (14-8) and May (13-9), but I am experiencing a nightmare in June (5-14) that is worse than last May. . Fortunately, however, it is still worth taking comfort in that the win rate is still in the 50% range and the ranking has not dropped steeply. It remains to be seen whether the hope element that Commissioner Park Yong-taek said can rekindle Lotte’s momentum.

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