The death of three best friends… Conte also had a hard time

Director Antonio Conte recently had a hard time due to the news of the deaths of people around him.

Conte has lost three of his closest friends in his short stint. First, coach Gian Piero Ventrone, former physical coach of Tottenham Hotspur. Coach Ventrone passed away suddenly in October of last year due to acute leukemia. The Tottenham club as well as the players commemorated Coach Ventrone in their own way. Coach Conte and his squad planted an oak tree near the training ground and observed a moment of silence in memory of Coach Ventrone.

For Conte, coach Ventrone was not just a relationship. Conte met Coach Ventrone for the first time as a player, and even when Conte became a leader, he stayed with Coach Ventrone. Conte could not hide his sadness when his best friend, whom he lived with for a long time, left. 바카라

Next was the coach Sinisa Mikhailovich. Coach Mikhailovich passed away in the middle of last month at the relatively young age of 53. His cause of death was leukemia. Director Conte shed tears over the death of coach Mikhailovich, who was a close friend of his age.

And earlier this month, Gianluca Vialli, another of Conte’s best friends, passed away. After being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2017, Vialli, who continued to struggle with the disease, eventually failed to win the fight against the disease. Upon hearing the news of Vialli, manager Conte canceled his media schedule, and the coach took his place. Vialli’s death was enough to grieve Conte.

Conte has had a hard time following the deaths of three people. He said: “This season is a difficult one for me personally. In a short time I lost three people I knew very well: Ventrone, Mihailovic and Vialli. It was not an easy task. When this happens, it makes me think of something important. We often think about our I live forgetting that I don’t have enough time for ‘.. This season is definitely making me think about my future,” he said, explaining what the deaths of the three meant to him.

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