‘Shock’ Korean player from the Bundes, 6 women pickpocketed in Philippines…The criminal was arrested directly after the chase

It has been revealed that Park Yi-young (30, Kaya), a Korean defender who has been on the German stage for nearly a decade, was committed a pickpocket crime in the Philippines.

Park Yi-young shared a video of two women with a long story in her personal SNS post on the 5th (Korea time).

In a post that began with “BGC (Bonifacio Global City) Pickpocket Alert!” he recently revealed his story of being pickpocketed in the Philippines. He said, “I was walking down the street in Bonifacio. I stayed quietly for a long time, with six women surrounding me. Three people blocked me from walking fast, and the others stuck close behind me. Then suddenly they scattered. I sensed something was wrong.”

He continued, “So I checked my bag right away. The zipper was open, and I realized that my wallet was missing. They were running away far away. In groups of three, I headed in different directions. I chased one of them. I approached them and asked them to return my wallet. They started making a big noise. They said, ‘We didn’t take your wallet,’ and started overreacting. I was even more certain that they had stolen my wallet. I asked a security guard nearby for help, but they didn’t do anything.” 여우알바

He continued, “I kept chasing (them). When we reached a deserted place, one accomplice told another to ‘return our wallet and stop leaving.’ That’s how I was able to get my wallet back. After checking my ID and card in my wallet, I started taking videos to leave evidence. Some cash was missing. Is this good or bad? I hope everyone is alert and careful not to let this happen again.”

In the video taken by Park Yi-young herself, two women who appear to be from the Philippines are walking fast somewhere. One covered his face with his hands. At the end of the video, they were running. Park Yi-young wrote, “Please share this face.” Philippine media, including GMA News, also reported that a Korean soccer player was pickpocketed in the Philippines.

Park Yi-young arrested the criminal himself with courageous behavior, but he could be in danger. Last month, a Korean tourist was pickpocketed by a robber in Angeles, a tourist attraction in the Philippines. In the process, he was seriously injured and taken to a hospital, but he finally died on the 3rd, about 10 days later.

Park Lee-young is well-known to Korean soccer fans as a “Korean player who has played in Germany for a long time.” Right back Park Lee-young, who is from Boin Middle School in soccer, has been playing overseas leagues since her professional debut with the Philippine club Socceroo in 2014. She joined German club Jeankt Pauli in 2015 and formed a relationship with German soccer, before staying until 2024. She played 15 games in the second division of Germany in the 2017-2018 season, and emerged as a hero by scoring a debut goal in the match against Bielefeld. She joined Kaya as a free agent in February and returned to the Philippines for the first time in seven years, scoring one goal and one assist in 11 games this season. She suffered a major setback after leading her team to a 3-2 victory against Stallion Laguna on the 30th of last month.

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