Seongnam, solved the last puzzle… Recruit Chris-Denilson!

Seongnam FC has signed strikers Denilson (Denison Da Silva Dos Santos) and Chris (Manzinga Christy Rodolphe) at the same time. Their registered names are Denilson and Chris, and their first official position was with Shin Sang-jin, owner of Seongnam FC.

Last week, the two players met Shin Sang-jin, owner of Seongnam FC, at the joining ceremony and had a chat and encouragement.

Chris is a French striker with a height of 184 cm and a good physique. He debuted in France and played for Belgium, Scottish League Motherwell FC, Northern Ireland League Linfield FC, Hungary Zalaige Seg TE, etc. 

Denilson is a 190cm tall striker of Brazilian nationality and is a player who creates attack points with his height and activity. He debuted in Brazil in 2018 and joined Cheongju FC last year and scored 1 goal in 7 matches. Denilson has experience in Korea, so he has an understanding of the K-League and is quick to adapt. 

Chris showed confidence, saying, “I am a goal scorer. I will work quickly with the players and help the team.” 

Denilson said, “Seongnam is a very organized team.바카라사이트 My strengths are forward pressure and finishing. I hope my strengths will help the team. I hope the fans will call my name out loud when I go out on the pitch.”

Coach Lee Ki-hyung said, “Denilson is very active and will fit well into the team. Chris has good speed and decision-making. I hope he finds a place through good competition and harmony with the existing players. During the short break, all the players train hard to become one team. I will,” he said.

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