Samsung’s director Kim Hyo-beom, who aims to take the leap forward, said, “Worrying about Lee Dae-sung and Lee Jung-hyun’s coexistence? Everyone is competing

Samsung, which aims to take a leap from the bottom, has entrusted Kim Hyo-beom with the official baton. Coach Kim, who has properly led the team as the head coach, emphasized competition.

Kim took over as acting coach after the resignation of former coach Eun Hee-seok during the last season. Since then, he has been praised for handling the chaotic situation well. Samsung officially appointed Kim as its coach ahead of the 2024-2025 season. “I want to start from the basics. I think a coach is a position. I want to help people. As a member of Samsung, I will also help and manage players. Basketball tactics are important, but I think human culture is also important,” Kim said.

Samsung and Kim have a definite goal. They want to break away from the bottom ranks and become a winning team. “I will play basketball to win. The attitude and attitude of the players are important. Players must play a do-or-die game on the court. You have to play basketball with a sense of winning spirit to win,” Kim said.

The team also recruited free agents such as Lee Dae-sung, Choi Hyun-min, and Choi St. Mary’s. However, Kim said, “Lee Dae-sung has also arrived, but the best five have yet to be determined. The team checks the points (of its own test) through self-assessment in the third and fourth weeks of July, and finds that a friend with a higher score point will be included in the best five. The team will continue its training camp in August and out-of-season training in September. They are all in competition without a hitch.” 업소알바

He also focuses on creating the best performance by identifying players’ strengths and weaknesses through thorough analysis. “A combination of players is important, regardless of their skills. There may not be a situation where Lee Dae-sung and Lee Jung-hyun hand-off at the same time. They try to set the players’ movements in detail. Players must create a composition for spacing. It is also important to be altruistic and to be flexible,” he said. “We are also planning to organize positions for Cha Min-seok and Lee Won-seok. I want to encourage them to dunk more.”

“Last place for three consecutive seasons is a disgraceful record. I understand why. I will actively improve,” Kim said, promising to revive the “basketball legend” of Samsung.

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