PSG, Messi OUT → ‘166 billion’ genius IN abandoned by Real

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) has prepared an alternative to Lionel Messi (35). Arsenal started to recruit Martin Odegaard (24, Arsenal), who is flapping his wings.

The British Mirror reported on the 18th that “PSG is looking to sign Norwegian national midfielder Odegaard, who belongs to Arsenal.”

Odegaard, who was called a football genius since childhood, had no presence at Real Madrid. In the 2020/2021 season, he made a full transfer ahead of his second season at Arsenal on loan from Real Madrid. He gradually rose to prominence. Despite being a midfielder, he scored 15 goals and 7 assists in 35 league appearances this season. Arsenal was in second place, and the championship was virtually over, but the driving force that was able to compete fiercely with Manchester City was Odegaard.

According to the media, Messi’s departure from PSG is likely. Accordingly, PSG is paying attention to a young player who will hold the center of the team. Although he is not a striker, he is keenly aware of Odegaard, who has grown to the ‘top level of the Premier League’ supporting Arsenal. Recruitment is being considered.

Odegaard has a contract with Arsenal until June 2025. The transfer fee is expected to be over 100 million pounds (166 billion won). It is known that PSG plans to use the money to recruit players because Messi, a high-paid player, is leaving.카지노사이트

The problem is Arsenal. I have no intention of releasing a captain and key player. The club intends to block transfers through contract extensions and salary increases until 2027. Currently, the top priority for Arsenal is the re-contract of Oedegor. Attention is focusing on whether Oedegor and Arsenal will fall for PSG’s ‘Jun’ temptation.

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