Presence of the best Philippine express, Abando

KGC achieved the treble. ‘Philippine Express’ Lens Abando was also at the center.

Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation defeated the Seoul SK Knights after an extended bloody battle in Game 7 of the 2022-2023 SKT Adot Professional Basketball Championship held at Anyang Gymnasium on the 7th and confirmed the championship championship.

KGC, which had already won the EASL (East Asian Super League) held in the second half of the season and the regular league, lifted the championship trophy until the championship match and became the first unified champion in history to achieve a treble (seize three championship trophies in one season). .

It was a bloody battle among bloody battles in which no one did not exert all their strength. The same goes for Lens Avan.

Right before the championship match, Abando was already considered the best X-Factor in the series. He showed a lot of ups and downs throughout the regular league and had a weak presence in the semifinals against Carrot, but he was a player who could always play an active role in offense and defense with excellent athletic ability. Even Abando was a player who was quite strong against SK in the regular league.

And as expected, Abando showed his presence in the championship match. He played a whopping 30 minutes and 30 seconds in 7 games and averaged 10.1 points. In particular, his block average reached 1.9. Despite the team loss, Abando recorded a whopping 6 blocks in the 5th game, and took a total of 11 blocks in the 2nd to 4th games alone. It was great that a guard who was not even a big man could make such a block shot.

As the expression ‘X-factor’ suggests, Abando was more of a variable than a constant for both the opposing team and KGC. There were many cases where the team’s ability to defend was unstable and could not come out once it missed a game. However, he has tremendous athletic ability to make up for this, so he would sometimes make up for his anxiety factor with an energy level that utilized his athletic ability. Abando’s high jumping ability, combined with his willingness to actively participate in rebounding and block shots, turned into a tremendous weapon.

In the middle of the series,토스카지노 when Byun Jun-hyeong and Spellman were sluggish, Abando often played the role of a leader in the attack, such as scoring with a direct isolation attack. Rather, he played the role of a support to make up for the ups and downs and instability of the one-two punch.

Abando played for 27 minutes and 50 seconds in Game 7, leading the team to victory. Although it was scoreless and the shooting sense was not good, only two offensive rebounds were kicked out, contributing to tilting the weight of the 7th game, which was a seesaw game, to the KGC side even a little bit.

The first season of ‘Philippine Express’ lens Abando and KGC ended up with a happy ending.

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