Park Joo-ho, a member of the Korea Power Reinforcement Committee, said, “I built up the appointment of a domestic coach before the meeting began.”

Park Joo-ho, a member of the Korea Football Association’s power reinforcement committee, said there was a constant intention to select a domestic coach in the process of selecting a new national team coach.

“At a meeting of the committee, he said (Korean coach) should be the national team coach,” Park said on his personal YouTube channel “Captain Pachuho” on Tuesday. “In a way, it seems like a build-up. He continued (the nuance of) the appointment of a Korean coach even before the meeting began.”
The Korea Football Association said on Sunday that it has appointed Ulsan HD coach Hong Myung-bo as the next national team coach. A day later on Saturday, Lee Im-saeng, general director of the Korea Football Association, explained the reason for the appointment of Hong at the Korea Football Center in Sinmun-ro, Seoul.

The Korea Football Association’s Power Enhancement Committee, which began to appoint a new coach in February after Jurgen Klinsmann was replaced, appointed Hong, who was one of the three final candidates after five months of searching.

Park, who had been looking for a foreign coach candidate at the Korea Electric Power Federation Committee, said he met Davit Wagner (former Norwich City coach), Marcus Gisdol (former Hoffenheim coach), Urs Fischer (former Union Berlin coach), Zolt Löw (chief coach of Thomas Tuchel’s division), Edin Terzic (former Dortmund coach), and Niko Kovac (former Bayern Munich coach).

Park also detailed the verification process of Jesse March, who was most enthusiastic about going to Korea. “As if a coach has always been interested in Korea. I had a relationship with Hwang Hee-chan and we talked deeply about strengths and weaknesses and tendencies of Korean players,” he said. “He said he would coach the national team to a certain extent.”

In the end, Park’s contract with the candidate group failed to pass. Negotiations with the coach collapsed over conditions. Soon after, Park took the helm of the Canadian national team.

“At the meeting, some said, ‘Shouldn’t we do domestic supervision?’ and ‘There are many good coaches among domestic coaches?'” Park said. “The committee members kept explaining the bad points when explaining foreign coaches, but there was nothing like that for domestic coaches. They said they liked everything. A few people whose names came and went were like that.” 스포츠토토

When the news of Hong’s appointment was reported during the filming of the video at the time, Park replied to the question of whether there was any talk of Hong Myung-bo’s appointment. “I wondered if there was something because Director Hong continued the story even though he refused.”

“There is no need for (a committee to strengthen electricity),” he said, expressing his disappointment, saying, “I feel empty. I still keep getting phone calls.”

He also criticized that the meeting at the Korea Electric Power Federation Committee was actually turned into a place to vote for the desired director. He said, “The meeting was like a vote. Director Hong Myung-bo was in a high position when the members said they liked him. It was because there was someone who wanted to appoint a domestic director,” adding that the meeting was not constructively held at the time.

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