NBA’s ‘player power’ given birth to gold spoon…’LeBron James’ Makes Son Picked From Rookie Selection

It is not just politics that has power. It has “sports power.” The heads of associations enjoy all kinds of power while in power for a long time. When the head of the Korea Football Association represents the president. They also have “athlete power.” They abuse their popularity and power to act like politicians in and out of stadiums. No one can easily criticize them. Korea has such players.

■”Everything goes through James” – Shaquille O’Neill’s criticism

LeBron James, dubbed the best professional basketball player in the U.S., is a symbol of players’ power. No other player can match him. Not only clubs and associations but also media outlets are fiercely competing with him. He often ignores the coach, as he has been involved in dismissing the coach. He is also called the “supervisor killer” as he was deeply involved in the dismissal of the coach. “Everything works for James,” said Shaquille O’Neal, who has long dominated professional basketball. He has been a great influence in every decision made by the Lakers since joining the Los Angeles Lakers in 2018. He fights with spectators, ignores the nation and makes political statements. Despite large donations and outstanding performances from charitable foundations, he often wields his power, which constantly causes controversy.

James’ power shook the U.S. once again because the Lakers selected his eldest son as the rookie of the year. When his son Bronny was picked as the 55th in the second round, NBA experts and media said it was a great decision to make a history of playing father and son together. However, basketball lovers criticized him, saying, “It’s only because of my father. I’m ashamed of the Lakers, who sold their soul to James.”

When he graduated from high school, he was ranked 28th in the nation. However, after entering the University of Southern California, he couldn’t afford to play due to cardiac surgery. He returned to the game as a sophomore, but had 4.8 points, 2.8 rebounds, and 2.1 assists in 25-match games on average. He was just an ordinary player at the bottom of the local league in Southern California. He said he was not good enough to go to the NBA.

Being selected as a professional rookie is as difficult as a camel passing through a needle hole. Only about 1.2 percent, or 58, of the 4,000-plus players in the first division go to the NBA. When compared to other prominent players, you can see how privileged James’ son was.
Tristen Newton, the point guard who led Connecticut to its second consecutive win at the National Championship, was named the Most Valuable Player of the U.S. Championship as well as the Most Valuable Player 5. This year, he scored 15.1 points, 6.2 assists, and 6.6 rebounds on average. This was the driving force behind Connecticut’s overwhelming performance at the championship. Based on common sense, he was selected as a top 10 player. However, he was selected as 49th in the second round, let alone the first round. His weakness is that he is a four-year graduate and one to two years older than other players who finished their first and second grades. The NBA’s criteria for selecting rookies are strict. He focuses on future growth potential rather than current skills.

Bronny’s performance is about one-third that of Tristen, who barely has a chin. He cannot be selected based on his current level of performance. His growth potential is also questionable. Having a heart disease surgery, not just an injury, is a major weakness. He has received special favors compared to his potential with many risk variables.

■”Lakers are James’ hostages.”

In the meantime, LeBron has publicly said that he wants to play in the NBA with his son several times. He even said that he would make it happen no matter what. The guarantee has become a reality. The 55th son was called a crony starter based on the power of James. Indeed, he has a golden spoon.

He is not the only one. The Lakers selected J.J. Redick as their new coach after James cut a hard-nosed coach in two years. He is a podcast host with LeBron. He was a top-rated player in college, but he never coached a basketball team other than the fourth grade. Shaquille O’Neal’s remark that “everything works for James” means that “Ledick” is James’ decision. He ridiculed Redick’s excuse that James was not involved in his appointment and criticized his power.

“Bronnie is not tall, but he inherited good genes and has excellent athletic ability and sense of basketball.” “He will receive better personal guidance than any other player. Let’s wait until we see the game before we criticize Bronny or the club.” Many experts give positive feedback than expected.

But basketball lovers are disappointed and angry at the Lakers.

“Los Angeles LeBronze became a hostage to James and a surrogate. He signed a $104 million contract to the 41-year-old and gave him the right to start his son, who couldn’t even be a college starter. He never coached a single day, leaving James” friend to manage

“The Lakers are using their precious starting points on Bronny? Even in poor college, he didn’t average five minutes. He’s not worth anything to the Lakers.” 퀸알바

“Media and experts are afraid of hurting LeBron’s feelings and cannot criticize him properly.”

We have to wait and see if his father’s extreme affection will make a happy outcome. However, the Lakers, one of the most prestigious professional basketball players in the U.S., are also stuck with “player power.” As experts say, if Bronny is a good player, why didn’t he choose other teams? If 29 other teams have given good lumber to the Lakers for the sake of LeBron’s love of his son, the only thing that can happen is collusion. What is the difference from collusion, which is never allowed? The sport in which transparent and fair competition is the life and death is breaking down due to the player’s power embezzlement, which is the most honest way to practice the competition.

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