‘Monster KIM is popular!’ Kim Min-jae declared to stay after rejecting ‘Saudi mega proposal’ like SON →”Manchester United + ATM + Juventus are also interested.”

Kim Min-jae was very popular. However, he strongly wants to stay in Bayern Munich.

Germany’s TZ reported on the 9th (Korea time) that “Bayern star Kim Min-jae rejected the Saudi Arabian club’s offer.”
TZ said, “Kim Min-jae was considered a sellable player in Bayern until a few weeks ago. However, Max Eberle has signaled that he plans to work with Kim, and the player wants to return to his old skills by wearing the Bayern uniform. Already, he has turned down a profitable offer. According to the news, Kim recently received an offer from the Saudi team. Among them are Cristiano Ronaldo’s team Alnasr and Nacho Fernandez’s Al Khadisiya,” adding that Kim recently received an offer from Saudi Arabia.

“Kim Min-jae could have earned much higher salaries for the two clubs than Bayern. However, Kim immediately turned down Saudi Arabia. A move to Saudi Arabia is not a matter of consideration at all at the moment. English, Spanish, and Italian clubs also showed interest in him. Manchester United also put him on the list, but sought to transfer Matthias D’Richt, and Atletico Madrid also put him on the list of recruits. He is also popular in Juventus. However, the transfer is not in Kim’s plan,” Kim said, explaining that Kim wants to stay in Bayern despite Saudi Arabia’s huge salary offer and European big clubs’ interest in him.

Kim Min-jae is reportedly currently receiving an annual salary equivalent to 12 million euros (17.9 billion won) from Bayern. Considering that the annual salary is far beyond this, it is highly likely that it was a huge contract offer that was hard to imagine. However, Kim rejected Saudi Arabia’s offer immediately and chose to stay in Bayern. It seems that he wanted to prove that he stayed in Bayern rather than paying a huge salary.

In particular, Kim Min-jae’s attitude is similar to that of Son Heung-min, who received attention from Saudi Arabia before Kim Min-jae, but steadily refused to go to Saudi Arabia from last summer to this summer.

Saudi Arabia has tried to bring some of Europe’s best stars to Saudi Arabia since Ronaldo’s transfer to Alnasr in December 2022. Among them, Son Heung-min was one of the players Saudi Arabia has consistently offered to court. Rumors about going to the Middle East have been a hot topic since last summer. At the time, England’s Football Insider said, “Tottenham will not take any offers for Son Heung-min. Son Heung-min is connected to Saudi clubs,” explaining Saudi Arabia’s interest and Tottenham’s attitude.

At the time, British media said, “Son Heung-min was named the top target of the Saudi club this summer, and contact and plans are underway to bring Son Heung-min after this season. I don’t know how everything will change, but Saudi Arabia’s interest seemed to be successful and reportedly handed over an annual salary offer of 25 million pounds (about 42 billion won),” adding that Saudi Arabia even prepared to offer a huge contract to bring Son Heung-min.

However, Son Heung-min said in June, “I’m always doing my best for Tottenham and I’ll continue to do my best. I’ve always said without hiding that I want to deliver something to Tottenham. This is a promise I made not only with myself but also with the fans, so I want to keep it. I don’t think there’s a situation to talk about a contract right now,” dismissing rumors of a transfer to Saudi Arabia and reportedly rejecting a contract offer. Kim Min-jae, like Son Heung-min, the captain of the national team, doesn’t seem to be very interested in going to Saudi Arabia.

Kim Min-jae has already expressed his willingness to stay at Bayern through interviews since the end of the season. In an interview at the end of the season, Kim said, “As a defender, I always played with confidence. However, I didn’t need such qualities here, so I had internal conflicts.” He explained why he had difficulties at Bayern.

However, Kim Min-jae said on these issues, “I often hesitated because I couldn’t play with confidence during the game. I tried a lot to show the coach what he wanted,” adding, “I should have performed the coach’s demands better tactically, but I didn’t always do that. I understand. As a player, whether you make a mistake or do a good job, you have to know what you are good at and what you are not good at in the field,” adding, “I should have fully understood Tuchel’s criticism and done better on my own.”

Based on the disappointment of this season, Kim also strengthened his will to play more in the next season 노래방알바. “Personally, I am not satisfied with this season, and I need to improve more in the next season. I always have a lot of thoughts after the end of the season. What I did right, what I lacked, and what I needed. When I make mistakes and see weaknesses, it is also important to learn from them. As a player, it is important to reflect on everything well in order to be able to compete at a high level. I will become stronger in the next season,” he said, expressing his determination to rebound so that he can perform more in the next season, apart from rumors that he will leave Bayern for the first time in a year.

The news that Kim Min-jae will not be transferred has already appeared in the German media. Florian Flettenberg, a reporter with German Sky Sports who is familiar with Bayern news, said on his personal SNS, “Kim Min-jae’s rumor about Inter Milan is wrong. He has no intention of leaving Bayern and wants to stay. The contract is valid until 2028.”

“Despite Kim Min-jae’s poor performance last season, Inter Milan showed interest in recruiting him,” said FCB Inside of Germany. Inter Milan is trying to bring him back to Serie A. If Kim leaves Bayern, he will be available only on loan. However, chances are slim that Kim will play in a new uniform in the next season. “Kim Min-jae is known to be an essential element in Coach Bang Sang Kompany’s squad planning,” Kim said. “Kim Min-jae will play an important role in Bayern in the next season as well.”

In addition, Kim Min-jae can enter the competition to become a starting player in a better environment than in the 2023-2024 season in the next season. Kim Min-jae even went through military training just before moving to Bayern, and could not rest at all during the pre-season. It was not easy even after entering the season. In the first half of the year, Kim Min-jae played almost tirelessly to fill the vacancy without Dayot Upamecano and Matthias Derricht, taking on the mischievous task. Kim Min-jae’s overwork was not predicted from the beginning of the season. Bayern had a total of three outstanding center backs this season, Kim Min-jae, Matisse Derricht, and Dayot Upamecano, so it was expected that there would be no major difficulties in managing the defense. It was the injuries of his teammates that caught the ankle. Derricht was injured, and so was Upamecano.

Kim Min-jae is responsible for all the burdens, and he played full-time in 15 consecutive games as a starter in the early game of the season, which led to controversy over his overwork. Although it is inevitable due to the injuries of his teammates, Kim Min-jae also had a difficult time, showing signs of exhaustion during the league game due to continued full-time digestions. Kim Min-jae himself had physical problems due to military training during the off-season, but he did not mind playing for the team. In this situation, if Kim Min-jae’s immediate possibility of renting Inter Milan increases with the recruitment of Ito, Kim Min-jae may also be disappointed in Bayern’s treatment. However, Bayern still does not underestimate the possibility of using Kim Min-jae, and recently, there has been a steady news that Kim Min-jae will remain.

Despite Bayern’s disappointing first season, fans still showed keen interest in “monster defender” Kim Min-jae. However, Kim chose to stay and compete with him to become a starting member. Rejecting massive offers, many fans are expected to see how successful the next season of Kim Min-jae, who remains in Bayern, will be.

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