Mbappe Can’t Play With New Masks… “Specific Regulations Exist regarding Masks” → “Only Single Color Wearable”

Mbappe brought a new mask, but he can’t wear it on the field.

British media outlet “Sports Bible” reported on the 21st (Korea time) that “Kylian Mbappe has been shown wearing a new mask at Euro 2024 French training, but he cannot wear it at matches.”

France beat Austria 1-0 in the first Group D match of the Euro 2024 qualifying round held at Mercure Spiel Arena in Düsseldorf, Germany on Wednesday (Korea time). Mbappe suffered a serious injury including a broken nose in the match.

With France leading Austria 1-0 at the end of the second half, Mbappe tried to catch the ball in the air, but the shoulder and face of Austrian defender Kevin Danso collided.

When Mbappe grabbed his nose, he immediately noticed that he was seriously injured when he saw blood streaming down his fingers. Medical staff’s efforts to stop the bleeding with a nasal plug were futile. Mbappe was rushed to the hospital shortly after the match, but the French Football Association announced that surgery was not required.

However, French national team coach Didier Deschamps provided an update on Mbappe’s condition on Tuesday, when he will undergo more tests. Deschamps insisted that Mbappe undergo surgery, but the surgery could be postponed until after the tournament. 고수익알바

Meanwhile, Mbappe put a band-aid on his nose and conducted training on Tuesday (Korea time). According to a new report by the French media RMC Sports, Mbappe hopes to play in a match against the Netherlands on Tuesday (Korea time) despite fracturing his nose.

Coach Didier Deschamps said in a press conference before the game that Mbappe was “in better condition,” but it has yet to be decided whether he will play against the Netherlands on the 22nd (Korea time). During the training held on the 21st (Korea time), Mbappe was photographed wearing a mask with white, red and blue colors of the French flag.

However, those masks will not be allowed during Euro 2024 matches. British media outlet The Athletic reported that Mbappe will be banned from wearing certain masks because the UEFA has certain rules regarding masks.

According to the regulations, medical equipment “must be of a single color and shall not be able to identify teams and manufacturers.” The regulations correctly state that “medical equipment (e.g. head guards, face masks, casts, knee pads or knee pads, elbow pads): medical equipment worn in stadiums shall be of a single color and shall not be identified by teams and manufacturers.”

It also states that “the items worn on the legs and arms shall be the same color as the corresponding matchwear item (e.g., the elbow pads or tape used on the arms are the same color as the sleeve of the shirt, and the knee brace is the same color as the shorts).”

The French soccer association must ensure that all masks Mbappe wears are approved by the UEFA before the match against the Netherlands. Masks that can pass the rules are said to be ready.

It is unclear what punishment a player or team could face if Mbappe fails to comply with the regulations, but France and Mbappe have already been thoroughly prepared.

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