“Looking is free, but don’t touch”… Appeared in ‘Gangnam Bikini Girl’

 A woman who rode in the back seat of a motorcycle wearing a bikini in the middle of downtown Seoul expressed her position against public opinion criticizing her메이저놀이터. The woman posted a picture to her Instagram account that the person is her own, and she was “thinking” about her public opinion of herself, she said.

Online content creator and model Han Le (28, real name Jeong Ha-neul) posted on her social network service ( SNS ) on the 15th, “Deviation? species? marketing? Aggro? Are you a little short of something? exhibitionist? It’s up to you to think,” she said, “what you wear is free. Wearing it like this, you are free to look at it. Please don’t touch me,” she revealed.

She continued, “I’m sorry if the citizens passing by were offended by me,” and added, “I didn’t ride all day, but 1-2 minutes (riding) felt liberated. If the obscene gaze and restrictions disappear, will it feel liberating to embrace them later?”

Chung said she was also one of the four members of the controversial “Gangnam Bikini Riding” earlier. On the afternoon of the 11th, police received a report that four women wearing bikinis and helmets were riding on four motorcycles and riding around Teheran-ro in Gangnam, Seoul.

The police, who were reported and dispatched, stopped and stopped them near the Hyundai Department Store Trade Center branch about 20 minutes later, and accompanied them to investigate. At the time, Mr. Jeong and others stated in a police investigation that they “ridden a motorcycle for the purpose of promoting a magazine.” 

At the time, the police said they were reviewing whether to book Mr. Jeong and others by applying the crime of overexposure under the Misdemeanor Punishment Act. Under the Punishment of Misdemeanor Act, the crime of overexposure is applied when publicly exposing important parts of the body in a public place to cause shame or discomfort to others. In case of violation, a fine of not more than 100,000 won, detention, or fine disposition is imposed.

In August of last year, a YouTuber rode a motorcycle in the Gangnam area with a woman in a bikini on the back seat, and both were sent without detention to the prosecution on charges of overexposure under the Punishment of Minor Crimes Act.

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