Lee Young-pyo’s extraordinary move! Apologizing the remarks of a ‘clop-level coach’… “Soccer association’s administrative problems” → “If mistakes are repeated, their skills”

Following Park Joo-ho (37), Lee Young-pyo (47) continued to criticize the Korea Football Association.

As the controversy continues over the process of appointing a coach by the Korea Football Association (KFA), an increasing number of experts are expressing criticism. The KFA said on Sunday that it has appointed Ulsan HD coach Hong Myung-bo as the next coach of the national soccer team.

Lee Im-saeng, general director of the technical headquarters, announced that Hong Myung-bo has been appointed. Lee Im-saeng held a press conference at 10 a.m. on Tuesday to reveal the background of Hong’s appointment and the duration of his contract.

As a result, coach Hong Myung-bo will take the helm from the third qualifying round of the FIFA World Cup in North Korea and China in September to the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Saudi Arabia Asian Cup in January 2027.

This is the official coach appointed about five months after Jurgen Klinsmann was dismissed on February 16 after a slump at the 2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Qatar Asian Cup. 핑크알바

However, despite the press conference of director Lee Im-saeng, many of the controversies that arose in the process of appointing Hong Myung-bo have yet to be clarified. Even on the 8th, Park Joo-ho, a former member of the Korean Football Association’s National Team Power Enhancement Committee, appeared on his YouTube channel “Captain Pachuho” to openly tell an anecdote from the process of appointing the national team coach, which is spreading to a wider variety of topics.

Soccer fans expressed their strong support for Park Joo-ho and hoped that more soccer players would come forward to clean up the current situation. And on the 9th, news emerged that would quench some of these soccer fans’ thirst.

Commentator Lee Young-pyo appeared on JTBC’s newsroom to convey the current situation of the KFA and his belief. When asked about the process of appointing the national team coach, commentator Lee Young-pyo said, “After the interview, there had to be discussions with the existing members of the committee to strengthen their capabilities,” adding, “Lee said he was afraid that the coach would be leaked to the outside world. This means that he does not trust the members who worked hard to appoint the coach for five months. This made me think that the association has quite administrative problems.”

In response to the past remarks that “I will bring Kloppgum coach” that had received public attention, he said, “I really want to apologize for that. At that time, I actually had contact with coaches such as Xavi and Benitez, and they were active, so I thought I could bring a really good coach this time,” acknowledging that the remarks included his expectations.

“The fact that we disappointed fans is the biggest problem that occurred in the process of appointing the coach. The KFA has made many administrative mistakes so far, but I thought we should believe in them in the past. But if mistakes keep repeating, that is skills. Now we really need to change the whole thing,” he said.

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